101 Examples of Power Transitions

by Editor

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Power Transitions: Here is a list of ideas that I have been given permission to post that you can add to your own swipe file. 🙂

1.What does all this mean?
2.It gets worse…
3.You’re going to love this.
5.Now, don’t get me wrong…
6.Here’s another thing.
7.Think I’m mistaken?
8.Now for the story:
9.So what did I do?
11.Here’s an important little trick:
12.Want to know an even better way?
13.Now check this out:
14.It works like this:
15.But wait.
16.Here’s an easy way to do this.
17.What’s that?
18.And get this:
19.Here’s an illuminating statistic:
20.Consider this:
21.Here’s what I mean.
22.However, here is a curious fact:
23.But what’s next?
24.Let us press on.
25.But you know what?
27.One other thing:
28.What happened?
30.Why do I do this?
31.Another example:
32.Did it work?
33.What’s that?
34.But, there’s only one way:
35.How simple is it?
36.So what? Well here is the “so what” of it:
37.Whatever you do, don’t try to…
38.I’m not kidding.
39.Moving on:
40.Let us inch a bit closer to the truth:
41.So, what do you do first?
42.Here’s something else:
43.Here’s all I’m going to ask you to do:
44.As if that wasn’t enough…
45.A tip:
46.What am I saying?
47.On the other hand…
48.By the way…
49.Now let’s discuss
50.A little-known fact about…
51.Does all this sound a little over the top to you?
52.Now, let me tell you something:
53.Besides that…
54.I’m not playing around.
55.However, it’s not always that simple.
56.But there is a drawback.
57.What this all boils down to is:
58.But I’m not finished.
59.And, speaking of…
60.Here’s the point:
61.Hear this:
62.Even better…
63.Best of all:
64.What I’m saying is this:
65.Now the specifics:
66.One last thought:
67.Pay careful attention.
68.That’s the bad news. The good news is…
69.Now I’d like to emphasize something here:
70.Know this:
71.But wait a minute!
72.Let’s mush on.
73.Now let’s be real.
74.The answer is simple.
75.But don’t stop there.
76.Why did it work so well?
77.Here’s the secret:
78.Next, what you do is…
79.But, let me offer a word of caution:
80.Would you like some of this action?
81.Now pay attention to this:
82.Come closer.
84.Now picture this in your mind:
85.Speaking of…
86.Why am I doing it this way?
87.Which brings me to…
88.Imagine this:
89.Here is the most important thing you can do…
90.What did I discover?
91.I’ll tell you something…
92.It went down like this:
93.But this was different.
94.Big mistake.
95.On with my story:
96.But this was not to be.
97.I could hardly believe it;
98.Are you kidding?
99.Let’s bring it home:
100. Enough build-up, let’s get to it.
101. Not only that…

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