5 Habits to Improve Your Business and Your Life Part 2

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If you missed it, here is  5 Habits to Improve Your Business and Your Life Part1. In the last post, we discussed the first 3 habits you should work on developing.  Here are the final two I feel are important habits to cultivate.  Please leave your comments below in the comment box, and thanks for reading!

Redefine your definition of work– this is huge in my opinion.  So many people grew up in the era of their parents telling them all the time to ‘Work hard if you want to succeed in life’!  I think this is a great principle; most definitely hard work breeds character and integrity and teaches people value systems.

However I think too many people get caught up in the ‘work’ part and forget about the goal… ‘to succeed’.  They begin to get into this habit of ‘working hard’ to the exclusion of all else in their lives.  Before you know it, you’re pushing 40, you’re kids are half grown, and you’re sitting there blinking dazedly and asking yourself ‘Where’d all the time go?  How come I’m not wildly successful yet?  Is this what success looks like?’

Too many people think that working harder is a way to prove themselves and their capabilities and that if they don’t work hard they’ll never get anywhere.  I feel that a better habit to cultivate is to work smarter instead.  When it comes to your business, learn to leverage your time and activities.  Learn to create systems to automate and systems to delegate.

Learn to let go of the reins a bit, and give yourself permission to enjoy what you do.  Develop this habit, and suddenly you won’t be asking if this is what success looks like… you’ll feel it right down to your bones and just know you’ve finally reached your goal.

Make like rubber and bounce– right back up when you’re knocked down.  This is a crucial habit to develop.  It’s called being resilient.  Learning to take a knock and move past it, bigger and better than ever.  This can apply to your personal life and your business, but it’s a habit you NEED to develop and strengthen.

Everyone goes through ups and downs. Everyone has roadblocks and potholes.  Everyone experiences the same fears, doubts, and setbacks as the guy standing next to them.  That’s just part of life.  But when you learn to get back up after those setbacks and learn to keep pushing forward towards your goals, you’re developing a habit of bouncing back.

The best way to develop this habit is to teach yourself to create reserves of strength, or reserves of cash, or reserves of positivity, or reserves of whatever it is you need to combat that which makes you most anxious.  For me, my biggest stressor that makes me most anxious is not having a savings or emergency fund.  It’s important not only for my personal life and peace of mind, but also for the success of my business.

At the moment that is one of my top goals; to build that reserve of cash so that I can let go of that stress and fear.  How about you?  What do you need to focus on building to create that reserve that allows you to bounce back from a hard knock?

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