Bullets with a Purpose (part 2)

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Last time, I talked about creating bullets, and having an end goal in mind with each one.  Each one should move you closer to the close, and if it doesn’t, scrap it.

I said that one purpose of a bullet could be to sell something, and another purpose could be to perform a bit of voo-doo and take the prospect out of one mindset and plunk them into another mindset.

Now, for today, another purpose to using a bullet might be just to provide simple eye relief from the monotony of a page of text.  Remember everything you write, whether it is sales copy, an article or blog post, an ebook, or whatever should be written with your reader in mind.

It sucks trying to read a page full of text that isn’t broken up into short paragraphs, and that doesn’t use things like bullets or sub-heads to break up the space and provide some eye rest.  Seriously, try it sometime!

And finally, sometimes bullets are used help get your reader involved.  Yes, for the most part bullets are created using either bullet points, or check marks, or some other handy little graphic.  But sometimes bullets are created as questions to a quiz, that your readers can check mark and answer.

This does double duty of getting them engaged in what your saying, and also establishing you as the expert who really knows stuff.  As they go through those quiz questions, every time they answer it should be reiterating and driving home exactly how much they need YOU and your product or service.  Remember… end goal.

So, to recap this 2 part series on bullets with a purpose-

There are several motivations behind a bullet. Whatever the purpose of writing them, whether it is to sell something, or relieve their tired eyeballs, or engage them and get them to interact with you, or just to mess with their head and thrust them into a new mental state, always remember… end goal.  Bullets with a purpose.

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