Bullets with a Purpose

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As in life, everything you do in your business or sales strategy should have a purpose. Doing anything without an end goal in mind is essentially just spinning your wheels and wasting your time.

When you know why you are doing something, suddenly whatever it is you are doing takes on a whole new connotation.  There is a REASON behind your actions, and a method to your madness.  Remember, end goal.

And, a magical thing happens when you have a purpose behind your actions.  Suddenly that action becomes much more efficient, focused, and effective! Your energy isn’t scattered all over the place, you have a target to fire at, and success is literally right in front of you.  All you have to do is go for it.

When creating bullets for your sales copy, you follow the same principle.  Always have a reason for that bullet.  What is it supposed to do for you?  Generally, bullets can serve one of several purposes.

Obviously, the first purpose may be to sell something.  In your sales copy, think of your bullets as arguments you are using to avalanche on top of your prospects current list of reasons why they should ‘buy your sh**’.  Those arguments should be persuasive, extol  the benefit, and be steadily moving your prospect toward the close.  Remember, end goal.

If that bullet isn’t moving your prospect closer to buying, then guess what? Scrap it, it’s a waste of space.  It’s not serving your purpose, and therefore shouldn’t be sullying up your sale letter.

The other purpose behind a bullet could be to work a little psychological voo-doo.  This means to take them out of one state of mind they may be in, and catapult them into another, more positive and relaxed mental state.  Think of it as a transition tool.

So if they are feeling like you’re hammering them with a hard sales pitch for the last 3 para’s of your page, and then suddenly you shift to bullets, (and remember, not just a bullet… end goal!) that takes on a more personal tone, and really nails down the benefits of purchasing to them, you have just transported them into a new frame of mind.  See how that works?

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