Buyer's Remorse- Vindicate Thyself!

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I can’t tell you how many times I have made a purchase over the years, just awash in the glow of greed and the feeling that I NEEDED to buy that.  I absolutely couldn’t live without it!

And then, almost immediately after cashing out, I am hit with a wave of despair and regret.  Aka Buyers Remorse! You know you’ve felt it too! The magic and allure of the product or merchandise you just purchased that was so seductive before has suddenly poofed, and you are left with nothing but the bitter wish that you had saved your money for something you ‘really needed’.

Believe it or not this is par for the course when selling something. Just about everyone will experience buyers remorse on some occasion or another, and it’s YOUR job as the marketer, to address that and assuage it.  Not only will it cut down on charge backs and refunds, it will also ingratiate your customers to you, because they feel like you really understand them and want the best for them.

So, one of the best ways to address this issue full on, and slap it upside the head a time or two for good measure, is to IMMEDIATELY follow up after the purchase with a brief thank you message/ ego stroker.  This thank you message should contain, obviously, sincere thanks to that customer for purchasing your product or becoming a customer.  It should ALSO contain an enthusiastic reiteration that they have made an excellent buying decision!

For instance, you might say something  like:

“Thanks for contacting me today on a quote for a sales page.  I have received your deposit, and I am SO happy you decided to give me the opportunity to serve you.  You have made an EXCELLENT decision to invest in yourself and your business and I know you will be ecstatically happy with the final results.”

You would then proceed to subtly remind them again and again, with every follow-up what an excellent decision they have made by becoming your client or customer and allowing you to serve their needs.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Simple, but powerful and it can go a long way to reassuring your customer or client that they made a great decision in deciding to place their trust in you, and as a result you will keep them coming back for more.  And THAT after all is the goal… to create customers, clients, and fans for life.

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