Creating Value Creates Sales

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The number one obstacle I often face when selling something is the need a person has for that which I’m selling at the moment.

I have found out, over time, that even though a person has a need for it, the probability of a sale isn’t guaranteed. I’ve realized that no matter how beneficial a product is for that person, how convenient my payment schemes are, and how much a value it is for their money, the other person always has a hesitation in purchasing, regardless.

So I’ve come to realize that success in sales will really depend on the value others place upon what you’re offering them. It is obvious then that, instead of offering the product you are selling through your eyes, you should offer it in light of how your prospect may view that product and whether or not it will be beneficial to them and align with their values and goals.

In the book, Selling 101 by Zig Ziglar, a successful career in sales begins with the character of the salesman who should be a person of integrity and live honestly and ethically. The salesman, like the company they represent, should also be able to convey trustworthiness to the prospective buyers and really deliver that promise to them (dependability) to create the positive credibility that consumers always look for during a purchase.

Even though I know I am building this image of trustworthiness and integrity to the people I often offer my products to, it’s not for me to ignore the universal truth that focusing on the profit motives of others will spell out the difference between me succeeding in selling whatever I’m selling at the moment, or not.

This image of credibility has often helped me out in my sales as my clients would often be the ones who refer me to others based on their positive experiences with me.

Creating value by having a positive relationship with a client helps to increase your sales. Top that with aligning what you offer to your customer’s needs and motives (e.g. is it aligned to their budget, will it help them attain a current- or long-term goal, etc.), then you are practically guaranteeing yourself long-term success and repeat sales.  Remember it’s easier to keep a current client than attain a new one!

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