Focus on the Aftertaste

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Whether writing a sales letter, or making a presentation, you should always pay attention to what you are leaving your prospect with.

The aftertaste of doing business with you.

The bottom line in snagging a life long customer and not just a one off is to leave them feeling like you care about them and their success or quality of life.

If they feel like the only thing you care about is making the sale they will be turned off and most likely you will be hard pressed to ever win them back over.

For example, Joel Bauer.

I was at a seminar not too long ago, and let me tell you, that man can SELL.  He had me from the moment I walked in right up until his close.  Then it went straight out the window and I lost all interest in him whatsoever.

His presentation left a bad taste in my mouth and I felt like he wasn’t the honest person he’d made himself out to be.

His big thing right from the get go was that he was there to give us value and wasn’t going to charge a dime for his products, yada yada.

He had me going and believing in him the whole way through, until midway through his close he suddenly started talking pricing.

I think he was charging like $2500 bucks for his whole deal which was a huge leap from the original ‘I’m not charging you guys a dime for this stuff’ that he said in the beginning.

Now I am not against paying for products, especially if they are valuable and going to help me in my business.

But NOT when I was told the whole way through that I’m not being charged a penny and then suddenly at the end we’re playing a different song and I’m being charged $2500 bucks!

Now I have no idea if circumstances suddenly changed and he had to rework his presentation to include a price tag because of higher powers, or what but the bottom line was that I was left feeling a little betrayed at the end of the whole thing, and like I was just trying to be ‘sold’.

So how about you?

Do you leave your customers feeling like they are just another number to you?

Like they are just trying to be ‘sold’?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a verbal presentation, face to face or if it’s a sales letter.  At the end of the day it should be about making THEIR life better, not lining your pocket.

The lining of your pocket comes with providing real value.

You receive that which you give out to the world.

If you’re not making enough money in your business, I suggest you take a look at your model and make sure that your client is coming before your sale.

People aren’t stupid, and easily recognize when they are unimportant to you.

Make your aftertaste sweet.

The sweeter the better, because that is what they will remember about their experience with you.

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