Happy New Year My Lovelies!

by Editor

BGB Wedding
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I am currently in the throes of final preparations for our wedding, BGB style.

Coming soon to a venue near you. hehe

(OK maybe not exactly near you, but it sounded good.)

Just wanted to take a moment out of the day to wish all of you a challenging (the good kind of challenging), wonderfully fabulous, productive, lucrative, and blessed 2013 in every way.

While today is typically considered a day of “new beginnings” each year, I challenge you to think of every day as an opportunity for new beginnings.

Whether you are seeking change in your personal life or your business life, God blessed each of you with the ability to begin anew, with a clean slate, every. single. day you open your eyes, if you’re willing to trust Him. (They call it faith, baby.)

We all face our own unique challenges, but not a single one of them can’t be overcome with God at your back and faith in your pocket.

With that said, get ready to rock this day, and every day thereafter.

And if ever you need a dash of encouragement, drop by BGB and say hello, share your struggle, and I will do my mighty best to shed a little light on your path.

Over to You

As always, I’d love for you to share this post with others and spread the well wishes around. And if you’d like to drop a comment, do so below and say hello. And if you’ve never said hello before… today is the day! 😉 XoXo!

New Years BGB 2013

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