How to Get Customer Agreement in One Easy Step

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Every sales professional’s goal is to get the customer to agree to purchase what they are offering. It doesn’t matter if it’s face to face, on the phone, or with ad copy.  But to make sure that you are on the same page, you have to do one simple step before you can even close the deal: summarize the motivation of the client.

You also may know this as defining the problem.  This is the point during initial sales contact with the client that that you organize all the information you got from him after probing him for his motivation or problem. Or in the case of ad copy, after doing your research and building your ‘ideal customer’.  This is an important step as it allows you to assess what the customer wants based on either your research in the case of ad copy, or your interpretation of what he said in a face to face sales interview.

Getting the customer’s agreement requires you to summarize everything in one sentence or paragraph all of the important information you gleaned from your customer or your research.  Be sure you have done your research well or if you are conducting a face to face pitch, make sure they actually agree with your summarization.

Otherwise, how can you be sure if the features and benefits of the product you intend to highlight actually suits his motivations or needs?

Assuming you understood him and then simply giving out a solution based on that will give the impression that you did not listen to a word your prospect said and will create negative vibrations that could hamper your sale or abruptly end the meeting itself.  In the case of ad copy, this will mean your prospect clicks away, on to the next big thing.

Sales experts concur that summarizing everything is a useful strategy with prospects because you might give him insight to his problem in a way he hadn’t considered before. Your understanding of his situation may even help to enlighten him to that which he truly needs.

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