It's Only A Benefit When You Say So

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If you know even a little bit about sales copy you know that good copy is all about the benefits, NOT the features of the product you are trying to peddle. You need to make the prospect see what’s in it for them and how their life will be made better by your product. AKA Benefit!

However, don’t just assume that your prospect will realize that what you are offering is a benefit. Don’t just assume they will automatically see the benefit even if it’s right there staring them in the face. Spell it out! Tell them EXACTLY how your product is going to benefit them. Just because it’s a stellar product doesn’t mean everyone will see the allure and identify the possible benefits. It’s YOUR job to make that clear.

For instance, how about when you offer a time sensitive bonus? Say you tell your prospect that if they order your product in the next 24 hours, as an added bonus you will send them a FREE book on cooking.

Ok…who cares? A book on cooking? Where is the benefit? Because it’s free it’s a benefit? Sorry, I don’t think so.

A better offer would be order my product in the next 24 hours, and I will send you a FREE book on cooking that will change your life! You will be THE mac daddy grill master by the time you are finished reading it, and will know how to grill a steak so delicious you’ll have people pounding on your door to learn your secrets!

See the difference? Your appealing to ego and offering a benefit… they will be the mac daddy grill master if they order your product in the next 24 hours and get that free cook book! But they didn’t know that was a benefit to getting that cook book until you told them it was.

Remember, a benefit is a benefit, but only when you say so. What’s the benefit to you reading this blog post? Better sales copy and knowledge for life. Why? Because I say so! 😉

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