Not So Secret Fundamentals to a Positive Mindset

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Yesterday I talked about a positive mindset and how a lack of sleep can really put a damper on it.

And I feel that a positive mind is really important to running a successful business as well as achieving personal goals, so I wanted to talk about a few key fundamentals to keeping your brain happy and focused.

First of all, figure out what the heck it really is that YOU want from your life.

Not just business related, but your LIFE, in all its glory.

And I’m not talking about what your great aunt Mimi wants for you, or your loving but disapproving dad wants from you; or anyone else for that matter.

Nor am I talking about those things you think you SHOULD want in order to be a happy and well functioning person.

Screw that, I’m talking about what YOU want in your secret little heart of hearts.  Sit down with yourself, have a lunch date with your notebook, and FIGURE IT OUT.

Write ‘em down, in excruciating, ugly (or pretty) detail, and then write them again.

And again.

And write them every day until they are so much a part of your daily thought process, you can’t help but move toward them.  (There is more of a method to this than what I’m telling you here, but that’s the basic premise… you gotta start somewhere!)

The next thing you need to do is develop your belief in yourself and your ability to achieve those goals, no matter what the obstacles you face may be.

After all, if YOU don’t believe in yourself, nobody else is going to believe in you either.

Believe that no matter what it takes, YOU can do it.  YOU can get to where you want to be.  YOU can be the person you want to be.  YOU can break the habits you want to break.  YOU can be successful in your life.

Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of that belief in yourself, because that belief is what carries you past obstacles, and keeps you going even when things look bleak.

A lot of people will let roadblocks derail them from reaching their goals, and allow it to break down their positive mindset until they feel like they are defeated, or they can’t do it, or it’s not working so something must be wrong with THEM.  Bullsh**.

There is nothing wrong with YOU, except for the fact that you’re allowing an obstacle to get in your way.  And yes I do mean ‘allowing’ it.

You have the choice there, and if a hard knock is breaking you down, it’s because you’re letting it.  Toughen up and figure out a way around the roadblock.  Figure out WHY something isn’t working, whether business or personal.

Who you are and what you do are two entirely different things.

And what you DO is what gets you from point A to point B in anything.

If something isn’t working, the steps to take are figuring out WHAT isn’t working, WHY it isn’t working, and what you can change in your ACTIONS and thought processes to make it work.  Got it?

The third thing is once you figure out those things that you really WANT in your life, biz or pleasure, and develop the belief in yourself that you CAN have those things you need to develop your strategy or plan of action to get them.

That includes analyzing the things you’re already doing that aren’t working like I touched on above, studying people who ARE where or who you want to be and noting the things that THEY do to achieve their goals, and then writing down specific, achievable action steps that will get YOU there too.

And yes occasionally you’ll make a wrong move, or make a mistake, but you simply adjust course and carry on, moving ever forward, ever closer to your goals.

And above all BELIEVE in yourself and your ability to get there, however long or hard the road.

And finally, express your gratitude.  Be thankful for the life you have RIGHT NOW.

Be grateful for the blessings you have NOW.  Love your life just as it is, warts and all, good and bad.

Remind yourself everyday of the many people in the world who are living a life that may be 10 times harder than your own, and be GRATEFUL to be living the life you’re living right this very moment, even if it sometimes looks dark, or bleak, or you’re having a bad day.

Your life could be a whole lot worse, and that’s really all it boils down to.  Appreciate what you’ve got, don’t covet what you don’t.

And if all else fails, take some inspiration from Nick Vujicic.

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