Sales Copy Exercise # 1

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OK, so your sitting down at your table, trying to figure out how to come up with those all important ‘Benefits’ everyone keeps talking about for your product. Unfortunately, you’re stuck in a rut and your brain is just drawing blanks. Lucky for you, I have a quick exercise you can do that may bring you a solution!

Brain Storming:

First of all, think of the problems or challenges your target market may face. Brain storm and write down 3-5 of these bad boys that can help you sell your product or service. One easy way to do this is to use feed back from your pals.

Have them sit down with you and pretend to be your target customer. Ask them to tell you what problems they may be facing as your target customer, or what issues they may be struggling with. Write down their responses as a list of problems and gripes.

Do this with several of your friends, I’d say at least 5 if you can, and more even better! And no they don’t have to be face to face, you can just give them a ring if you’d like. It should only take you an hour max if you keep each call limited to 5-10 minutes of chit chat and grilling. 🙂

Once you have all of their responses written down together, start reviewing them. Chances are if you grilled enough of your pals, you will start to see a common theme with some of the problems they came up with.

Those common themes will be the benchmarks of your benefits. Take a few of the ones that seemed to be the most popular of gripes, and work them into a solution oriented benefit. Viola! You now have exactly what you had been wracking your brains so hard for, with very little effort on your part! (All the effort went to your buddies, LOL)

See how easy that was? Now get to writing! And if your feeling lazy, you know how to find me! 😉

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