Sometimes It Pays To Be Direct

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Writing good copy ain’t always an easy task.  Some folks manage to do it reasonably well, and some folks manage to mangle it beyond repair.  The problem a lot of people run into is trying to be ‘too creative’.  Yeah, I know, TOO creative? Who KNEW there was such a thing!

But alas, there is, and it happens a lot when people are trying to write sales copy.  They are so focused on making their ad eye catching, and trying to get it to stand out that they go overboard and end up with a cleverly creative dud.  Meaning that ad isn’t doing squat for their bottom line, nor does it give their prospect any warm and tingly’s when they read it.

Sometimes, direct and to the point works way better than clever, especially if your space is limited.  Sometimes it’s better to avoid empty statements like ‘Live the life of your dreams’ or ‘Make all your fantasy’s come true’ in favor of spitting it out already.

For example:

Lawn need a trim? I’m your guy.

$25 get’s you the deluxe treatment!

Cut, Edged, and Blown!

Call 407-888-8888.- Ask for Gary.

Now, it’s not fantastically creative, but it is direct  and to the point.  It let’s the prospect know exactly what they’ll get, for what price, and takes up minimal space if your quarters happen to be cramped.  Now get to writin’!

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