The Secret to the Squeeze! Part 3

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Once you have the niche, your goal is to offer them something that appears “irresistible”, and offer it to them for free. This is what you’re going to give them in exchange for them signing up for your list via your landing page.

Here’s the secret for brainstorming up an irresistible offer quickly. Remember how we selected a niche that had some decent affiliate products in it? Well, go back to those products. Keep in mind that these products are successfully selling at a decent price (especially if they’re $97 products).

Think about it… if people are willing to pay $97 for this information – if you gave similar portions of this information away from your website for free… don’t you think people would gobble it right up? Naturally, they would.

So here’s what you do – go to the sales page of these affiliate products. Look at what they are offering. Read their bullet points. Find the five or six hottest bullet points or the five or six most “irresistible” aspects of those affiliate products.

Guess what? Those are the 5 or 6 topics you’ll create an information report out of. Then, just do some quick research and collect the information for those 5 or 6 topics. Once you have that information, you can either write it out as a free report, or sketch out notes and simply record it as a free audio recording.

If you’re really brave, you can try to locate 5 or 6 different experts who can give information on those topics, call them up and then record them. Bingo – instant product!

So here’s what you have when you’re finished – a good report loaded with information that your niche finds interesting and wants to know about, and also a bunch of affiliate links that you can make money from.  Sweet!  Stay tuned for the next step in The Secret of the Squeeze!

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