The Secret to the Squeeze! Part 5

by Editor

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Work the Backend

Once you have a winner, it’s time to roll it out! First, get your auto responders in place. It’s good to get 8-10 ready and queued up. Since you know you have a winner, spend some time to really give them “your best”.

Ideally, you want to do three things with your auto responder – first you want them to use the information you gave them in your report. The idea is that you gave them good information, and you’ll create a good relationship with them if they actually use your information and get results from it.

Second, you want to give them additional information, so you train them to open up your messages in the future. And third, you want to offer them more stuff to buy!

You can mix the content so you do all three in each message. Or you can devote single messages to each of these three things. Or you can alternate between getting them to use the information you give and giving you more information, with a “soft sell” at the button promoting an affiliate product.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. You can also poll your list and see what they really want to learn, and then go out and find an expert that can teach them. Then, naturally have that expert offer their course at the end, which of course you’ll collect a commission on!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 5 part series, and learned something along the way.  I welcome comments and feedback!

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