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Willie Crawford
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A lot of folks tend to make the whole Internet marketing thing much more difficult than it really needs to be.  Yes it’s a bit different than owning and operating a brick and mortar, but the same principles still pretty much apply to both.  Find a profitable market, find profitable products, build a client base, and then leverage, leverage, leverage.  Willie Crawford talks below about exactly how easy it really can be, and how you can get started doing it yourself with very little heartache.  I hope you enjoy!

A lot of people struggle WAY too hard at building an online business. They struggle at finding a product that will sell, getting traffic to the page selling that product, and building a list interested in that topic… so that they can follow up with them and eventually sell some of them that product.

Here’s a BIG secret… it’s not hard when you get others to do it for you. 🙂 That’s actually what I do. I get others to show me what’s selling by looking at the Google AdWords listings for my primary keywords. That tells me what products are actually selling related to that market.  Theoretically, people wouldn’t be paying to advertise unless they were making money from it.

So, looking at the AdWords Ads IS a good barometer. I also often just look at who’s a leader in the industry, interview them and give that interview away to sell their products… as an affiliate.   Here’s my most powerful way of getting others to build my list, and send me traffic and customers… I create simple, inexpensive audio products on a topic that I then allow others to sell and keep 100% of the profit on the front end.

I may have a second or back-end product in place, but my real purpose in creating these products is to get others to do all of the hard work, going out, finding interested prospect/buyers and then sending them over to join my list and buy my other products.

To do this, I usually set my products up on an affiliate program powered by the Rapid Action Profits script.  I use this script because it makes it really easy to pay instant commission directly to the affiliates’ Paypal accounts. When you pay affiliates instantly, have a good product, and let the right affiliates know about it, 95% of your work is done for you… by others 🙂


Willie Crawford has been selling goods and services online since 1996. He’s also created a ton of his own products, hosted seminars, spoken at dozens of seminars internationally, written and published several books, and provided ecommerce consulting to local offline businesses. Willie shares a lot of his experience in his free ezine which you can get at

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