Use Personality As Your Secret Weapon

by Editor

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You know, it’s funny. I never considered myself a ‘salesperson’.  In fact, you would be seriously hard pressed to EVER get me on the phone, especially to sell something because I just don’t see myself as the ‘salesman’ type.  I consider most salesmen to be pushy and rude for the most part. Especially when they are standing right in front of me, or yakkin’ in my ear to buy their stuff.

However, since my foray into ghosting and copy writing, I’ve learned a lot about sales.  And the best salesmen (in my humble opinion) really AREN’T pushy and rude (for the most part!)… they just practice a secret stealth tactic that most don’t bother with.  Wanna know the secret stealth tactic?

You guessed it! Personality!  A good salesman will win you over every time, not by pushing the sale but by sheer force of personality.  Whether it’s funny or suave, their personality shines through and wraps around you… making  it hard for the prospect to say no, they’re just so darn likable!

That is one thing I am complimented on in my writing consistently, and it’s just something that tends to leak out naturally as I write. And if you can learn to develop it in your sales copy, it’s almost a given that your sales will increase.

Don’t believe me? Consider the Frank Kern’s of the world. When you get an email from Kern regarding the latest product he is pushing, invariably it comes to your inbox in the form of an entertaining, off the wall story, and a few profanities thrown in for good measure.

That’s just Frank Kern. That is the personality he has developed. Laid back, funny, I don’t give a s*** what you think, because what I’m selling freakin’ rocks! Snooze and lose buddy!

And his tactics work. When you read his sales letters, you are hit with the same dose of personality. Before you know it, you are following along and reading that whole darn sales page, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 30 pages long! You are READING it dang it! You are HOOKED! It doesn’t even matter what he’s selling at that point, you are so caught up in the drama and the story he’s created, that you’re just compelled to see how it ends.

And that’s because his copy is riddled with his personality, it shines through and engages you, and practically FORCES you to keep reading. Personality is just good salesmanship. Sure you can write a sales letter with out it, and probably do very well for yourself, if it’s a good one. But add a dose of personality to your sales letter, and see what happens.

Every day, people are overwhelmed with spam and boring, monotonous advertising. When they are suddenly hit with a sales message loaded with personality, they can’t help but be hooked. It’s a relief to people to read ad copy like this. It’s a break from the monotony. It then becomes memorable. And if you create something memorable in your prospects mind, that close is just around the corner. So how can you inject a little personality into YOUR sales copy?

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