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Hey there.

It’s possible you’ve got questions.  Or maybe you just want to say hey.  Perhaps you’ve got a possible project you’d like to work together on.  Maybe you just need a little help or guidance or moral support.  Whatever your needs, feel free to get in touch.

It’s uber easy to reach me.

One of the best ways is via email.  You can use that handy dandy contact form below, or if you prefer- email me directly.

Cori [at] BigGirlBranding [dot] Com

Easy peasy.

You can also shout at me on Twitter.


Or holler on Facebook.


See, short and sweet.  Chat with you soon!

Oh and FYI- if you use the contact form below and don’t hear from me within a reasonable time frame, please email me directly because the gremlins probably ate your note.

  • Pretty easy. I need your name, unless you want me to call you no-name. 🙂 FYI- you wouldn't be the first! Thus this itty bitty reminder.
  • Again with the easy... I need your site URL if you're asking for my help. And if you're not... well I need it anyway so I know where to find you. 😉 You know... in case of emergencies.
  • And finally? (Super easy btw...) Email is required because I can't respond to you without it! But you already knew that right? Smarty pants.
  • OK, so one last itty bitty reminder- be sure to include specifics, and I'll do my very best to help you out with your problem. Fair enough?
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