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OK… so I’ve come to realize that with a blog, as content builds great stuff can get a little lost.

That being said, below is some of the best from the Big Girl Branding vault.

This list may change over time as I add new content and decide to feature other posts, but you can always refer back to this page and know that you will find some great content.

This content will either help you move forward in your business with practical advice, motivate you to get moving with my own brand of a** kicking, or in some odd ball way inspire you to be greater today than you were yesterday. (At least that’s the hope.)

It’s Been Called Epic- Entrepreneurial Wisdom

This is an interview piece of 62 successful entrepreneurs that went over phenomenally well.  Note: it’s very long, so there is also the option of a PDF for download, which you are free to pass along to others if you feel they might benefit. It’s also sent to you via email as a bonus when you subscribe to the #BGB newsletter below.

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I’m Not Afraid to Take a Stand and Why You Shouldn’t Be Either

This is a post on why I think Eminem rocks as an example of branding, and how you can emulate him somewhat in your own business and branding strategies because… love him or hate him, EVERYONE knows who he is!

Why Embracing Your Quirkiness is the Ultimate Way to Build an Irresistible Brand

This is a guest post that went over phenomenally well with other BGB’ers.  I think you’ll enjoy it too, especially if you’re anything like the rest of us, and just a tad bit “different” than the rest of the kids in the class. 😉

What to Do When Your Biz Morphs into a Big Fat #Fail

Hint: not hide under the covers and gorge yourself on ice cream.  The take away? A positive mental attitude will take you very high places. Remember the old saying, attitude determines altitude?

21 Ways To Create Engaging Web Content

Pretty self explanatory. 🙂  Here are 21 ways you can spice up your web content to engage your readers and keep them reading longer.

Don’t Be A Multi-Tasker

Splitting focus equals disaster.  Both in your ad copy, and in your business. Heck it pretty much applies to everything.   So read it and enjoy.

Top 28 Coolest Tools to Monitor Your Brand in Like…Ever!

The title says it all don’t you think? 28 killer techie tools that you can play with till your geek heart’s content.

Put the “POP” in Popular- Making Your Biz Cool

This post covers what it takes to succeed these days… and often that means positioning yourself as “the cool kid on the block”.  So how cool are you?

Avoid a Freelance #Fail with Creativity, “Bread and Buttah” and Rainbow Colored Toe-Socks

This piece is my view on why creativity rocks, but sometimes you’ve gotta eat a few frogs and take on a few projects that actually um… pays your bills and stuff rather and doesn’t just stroke your creative behind.

5 Dirty Little Secrets and 28 Ways to Show #CustomerLove

This is a great little idea generator on ways you can show love and appreciation to your customers, clients, and readers, and my view on just why you should!

Top 10 Branding Examples Killing It and What You Can Learn From Them

From Apple to Pixar… 10 brands that really rock their image.

Top 12 Blogs I Want to Elope to Rome and Get Dirty With Inside the Sistine Chapel- Kind Of…

Again… title says it all! Kinda.  These are 12 of the blogs I love, love, looove to read.  I hope you love ’em too!

Kick Ass Branding- Poetry Style. Kinda

This post was an experiment in creativity.  Many BGB’ers enjoyed it, and I think you will too.  Especially if branding is your game.

Ms. Independence, Baseball Bats, and Breakin’ All the Rules I Can

Sort of a peek into my past life, and why being a little different isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, it can be a really GREAT thing.

4 Things Reality TV Can Teach You About Succeeding in Business

A fun piece on things all those reality T.V. shows can teach you about success in your biz.  I know… who’d a thunk it?

Be Your Own Most Valuable Brand and Sell Yourself to Anyone

13 essential steps on personal branding that you really WANT to read and implement.  This was a guest post that continues to be one of the most popular posts on BGB.

Top 25 Indicators You Need to Quit Your J.O.B.- No Take-Backs!

Alright… so if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, my prescription is to QUIT.  Kay?  Seriously… these are some great indicators it’s time for you to follow your passion.

Top 6 Reasons You Need to Schedule Me-Time And No Arguing!

Everyone needs a little r and r.  A little me- time.  A little peace and relaxation.  So do it already! And read this if you have no idea why you should.

SEO vs. Social Media- Who Wears the Pants?

Great post on who wears the pants in this relationship.  Do you use social media? Do you focus on SEO. Do you? Don’t you? Yikes. Just read it already!

Pipe Dreams are for Losers… Why Not Sculpt Your Own Reality Instead?

This is a kick in the ass post for all of you entrepreneurs sitting around “waiting” for success to happen to you.  Life doesn’t wait, neither do your dreams.  Make them happen!

Old Skool Marketing- Networking Your Way to Super Stardom

All about networking and schmoozing.  Read it and let me know how your own networking is going in the comments section.  Mayhap we can pull you out of that tough little shell and morph you into a networking kingpin!

Big Biz, Small Biz-Why the Former Succeed and the Latter Fail

It’s no secret that businesses go belly up all the time.  Every day in fact.  And often it’s the little guys who bite the dust the majority of time.  This explores why that happens and possibly what you can do to come out on top.

Rules of Engagement- Are You Creating a “Brand Bond” with Your People?

Branding isn’t just about logos… it’s about relationships and the feelings you invoke in the people whose lives you touch.  So where do you rank?

Dear Big Girl Branding- An Open Letter of Apology to My Blog

You know… blogs needs a little love and affection too.  So don’t hate me playa! Hate the gaaaammmmeee! 😉

A Letter to My Tweeps

This is a post I made to allow my Tweeps to get to know me a little better.  But it’s good reading for anyone looking to learn more about me and what I do, and the things that make me laugh. 🙂 Did I mention I’m a dork? So be prepared, the things that make me laugh might be dorky. Also, feel free to drop me a question in the comment box, or just say hello.

The Business of Branding is a Bit Like Tattooing Your Behind

All those burning questions you ever wanted answered about branding… you’ll probably not find here.  But it’s a good read anyway and a great starting point. 😉

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