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As you know, productivity is one of the keys to success with ANY business.

Simply put, the more valuable actions you can accomplish each day to grow your business, the better off your business will be!

However if you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you work solo a large portion of your time. And chances also are that you work from home the bulk of that solo time.

Needless to say, working on your own FROM HOME no less, is riddled with opportunities for distraction and derailment. That’s why I find this handy little tool called Action Enforcer so freakin’ valuable.

I picked it up originally from one of my mentors, Dennis Becker from

This tool is loaded with cool features to help you block out your time and plan your activities for the day, so that you can get the most done in the least amount of time required.

It literally kicks procrastination’s ass and helps you stay on track.

I recently sent out an email you may have read recommending this product, but then I decided that this isn’t something to be recommended only once… it’s a tool that should be hammered against ya’lls heads until you buy, because it’s JUST that damn useful and affordable.

So this is me, hammering!

Here’s what I said in the email prior-

It pretty much insures I can be a productivity ninja when I really wanna be. (Key word there, wanna…).  In this case, I did and I was, and I could only do it with this massively cool tool that I figured I’d share with you.

You know, so you can be a ninja too.

It’s called Action Enforcer, and I won’t bore you with the details of how it works here… you can simply check out the link and decide if it’s right for you. 😉  There’s even a quick video that shows you how it works and what all ninja like voo-doo you can achieve with it.

Action Enforcer

Oh and it won’t break the bank either in case you were worried.  And yes, I do get a kickback if you purchase, but you know I don’t recommend anything unworthy… I absolutely adore this tool, and I’m a sucker for productivity hacks… born of my tendency to procrastinate!

So, check it, let me know if you like it, and shoot me a note if you find it becomes your new favorite toy tool.

Action Enforcer

As you can see, I love, love, love this little gem.  And at the price, you’d be crazy not to give it a shot. (Just sayin’.) So stop reading and go check it out now.  Then hit the buy button because this thing rocks and I know you’ll love it.  M’kay?  M’kay.

Action Enforcer



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