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You know you’re a writer when…

People ask what you do but look confounded when you tell them.

You know you’re a writer when…

Wincing is your first instinct at seeing typos.

You know you’re a writer when…

You collect notebook apps and nifty pens instead of weird things. Like rocks.

You know you’re a writer when…

You love playing with words more than you love chocolate. (Oh, the blasphemy!)

Web Copywriter Orlando Freelance


Now you know I’m a writer.

A freelance copywriter, ghostwriter, and blogger-for-hire,

if you want to get technical.

I’m also an indie author. But I digress.

Let’s talk about you instead. (No, no, don’t cringe.)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not much of a writer yourself.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and you’re actually a fab writer. That’s cool too I’m not here to steal your thunder.

At the end of the day though, you’re busy. You have schedules, and deadlines, and a long list of things to do, professional and otherwise.


You just never. have. time. to write a single. dang. word.

☝ You know your business needs a copy makeover.
☝ You know your messaging is not conveying what you need it to convey.
☝ And you know your competition is nailing it and blowing you out of the water.

You just have no fracken time!

But hey, there’s an upside.

It’s not your fault.

Your competition is no doubt using a supersonic secret weapon… as in, they wised up, cried “uncle,” and hired a  professional freelance copywriter to help them do all of the above.

(What, you didn’t think I was talking real weaponry did you? I’m totally anti-violence.)

So how’s a business to compete?

Get your own supersonic secret weapon, that’s how!

Just so happens, I know a gal, who knows a gal, who knows a gal.

EMAIL ME and let’s talk words. YOUR words. (Because they matter.)

Said gal☝ will put together a custom quote, just for yo’ bad self.

You can also spark a little ready-made word magic by choosing one of the packages I offer, down below.

A Fifth of Clarity with a Twist of Cool

This package includes up to five pages of web copy to help launch your new site or enterprise. Every word is refined and polished to reflect your brand and voice, reminiscent of glassy waters reflecting the bluest sky.

These pages include two of the most vital of the bunch, your home page and about page respectively (sometimes called your bio page).

It also includes a service or offerings page (arguably the third most vital of the bunch), a contact page, and a fifth page showcasing content of your choice.

Alternatively you can *substitute an à la carte option from the menu a little further down as your fifth page.

You will also receive four blog posts or articles you can use anywhere on the web, again refined and polished to reflect your brand and voice, on topics of your choosing. This content is essentially “ghostwritten” meaning I stake no claim to it. “You” are considered the author and hold all rights to it.

A Fifth of Clarity Sans the Twist

Think blog posts are a little overkill for you at the moment?

This package includes everything you see in the one above, minus the four blog posts. Sometimes, you need to start with the basics. Nothing wrong with that, I’m a basics kind of gal myself.

Three Fingers of Focus

You’ve decided.

You don’t want or need five pages of copy. You don’t want or need blog content (yet.) You just want to nail your home page, about page, and service/offering page, and that’s it.

That is all.

Long story short, you are either way too close for comfort or just too dang busy rocking everything else to give this your best. I can handle that and give it your best for you.

All three pages are given the same special treatment as every other package, with every word carefully chosen to reflect your brand and message.

*Substitutions from the à la carte menu are available if these pages aren’t quite the fit you’re looking for.

Just the Twist of Cool Please

You’ve already got the website and the blog.

You just need help keeping that blog’s momentum.

This package is perfect for you. Four blog posts only (sans the web pages), topics of your choosing, with every word refined and polished to reflect your voice and brand to perfection.

Every blog post is “ghostwritten” meaning I stake no claim to it. “You” are considered the author and hold all rights to it. Use this content on your own blog or as guest contributions to another blog.

In fact, use it however your little heart desires! It’s yours for life, no take-backs.

*Substitutions must be the equivalent or less of one page of copy, roughly 350 words.
**Reasonable email access to yours truly and up to 2 revisions are included with every project.

À La Carte Options-

The Sweet Spot

  • Copy Editing (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Tag Lines and Bylines
  • Product Descriptions
  • Brand/Biz Naming
  • Professional Bios
  • About Pages
  • One-Off Blog Posts

  • Ghostwriting
  • Copy Re-Writes for Spice

What You Can Expect From My End

  • A professional and inappropriately enjoyable experience.
  • Timely service and stellar results, delivered.
  • Versatile writing style with a splash of humor (should you be so inclined.)
  • Creativity and a no-bones commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Adaptability (aka, “I’m flex-y,”) and a solid respect for both your time and my time. (With the expectation you offer the same.)

If you have needs that are not currently listed here, feel free to inquire directly.

Still reading?!

Sweet text me via email. Let’s pow-wow and go from there.


Looking for more? Check out What People Say About My Work.

Talk soon!




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Since revamping my website with revitalized copy and search engine optimization, my client load has more than doubled. What has really surprised me is the number of people who come to my office saying that the copy on my website is what got them to call me.

People feel like they get a real sense of me before coming to meet me. This is amazing and means so much in a field often clouded with fear of the unknown. Cori was fantastic to work with in that she went above and beyond to really get what I needed my copy to say and HOW. I think it required a lot of patience on her part and I am so thankful I trusted her to help! Thanks Big Girl Branding!!

Melissa Hargrave,

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