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Hey BGB’ers… time for me to share some info on yet another cool event that might just be happening in your area sometime soon. Especially if you live in or near areas like L.A., New York, the ATL, and Chicago to name a few.

And for my Orlando people, mark your calendars for May 19- 21!

(No, really… mark your fracken calendars, I want to see you there if you can make it!) 😉

Where exactly is “there” you might ask?  Good question.

It’s the Spark and Hustle National Tour, and the mission is to help entrepreneurs such as yourself achieve your goals of success, passion, and profit.

From the Spark and Hustle Team

Tired of wondering where your next client or customer is going to come from—or staying up all night because this brilliant business idea of yours just won’t go away? Whether you’re sick of doing all you know to do to make your business profitable (and still coming up short) or just tired of WAITING to (finally) take the leap, you’ve got to meet Tory Johnson.

Today Tory is the weekly Good Morning America workplace contributor, a New York Times best-selling author, and a millionaire business owner, but she hasn’t always been. Far from it, in fact.

After being coldly fired from her dream job, Tory set out to build Women For Hire– a company that now has a solid presence across the nation. No deep pockets. No family connections. No special education. Just a “do-or-die” need to replace her income to support her family—fast. Now, she’s stretching her entrepreneurial muscle to help others do exactly the same.

With the all-new Spark & Hustle National Tour, Tory’s goal is simple: Provide current and aspiring small business owners with the practical strategies, real-world solutions and support that’s absolutely critical to their success.

Her mission: To help YOU create the shortest possible path between your passion and the profit you seek. Our economy is in a state of unprecedented change, which has impacted businesses of all sizes and in all industries. The Spark & Hustle National Tour promises to embrace that reality by giving you ONLY those business building strategies that are proven to (still) work today, and to offer you access ONLY to those experts who are currently in the DO-ing of their business, not simply the TEACHing of their business.

We’ll teach you how to avoid business errors that can have a devastating impact on your bottom-line, how to (quickly) identify and leverage new opportunities, how to solve challenges inherent in a recessionary economy and how to strengthen your packaging, pricing, and promotional efforts for income increase!

The truth is that there is MORE (not less) opportunity for the self-employed than ever before. You just need the right information, strategies, examples, and game plans to create this success for yourself. Bottom line: These events are all about RESULTS. No selling from the stage. No gimmicks. No fluff. Just the only results that matter: YOURS.

So, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and hustle, this is one conference you – literally – can’t afford to miss!

And for supporting us, we would like to provide you with an exclusive 10% discount off any Spark & Hustle event ticket. To take advantage of this special offer simply enter this code: BGB10 at checkout. This code can be used on multiple city registrations as well.

Register now to take advantage of the painless payment options created to remove any possible obstacle for you to attend three days of rock-solid, do-this-now, real-world advice designed to help you turn your new (or remake your struggling) business into the BIG success you crave!

The 2011 Spark & Hustle National Tour Schedule:

Los Angeles: February 3 – 5
Tulsa: February 10 – 12
New York: March 10 – 12
Dallas: March 24 – 26
Chicago: April 7 – 9
Boston: May 12 – 14
Orlando: May 19 – May 21
Atlanta: July 21 – 23

So there you have it, straight from the Spark and Hustle’s mouth.  Remember to use the code BGB10 for a discount on registration, and hopefully I’ll see some of you Orlando peeps there come May! 😀


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