10 Insane Business Ideas That Worked


Happy Tuesday BGB’ers! 

OK so this is a guest post courtesy of Jon with a look at a handful of somewhat wacky biz ideas that actually worked!

I thought this was a fun piece to share with you partway into the work week, especially for those of you still stuck in the dreaded J.O.B.

Maybe it will give you a little inspiration to pursue that entrepreneurial idea you’ve got percolating that you’ve been pushing to the curb because it sounds a little too “out there”. 

These businesses should give you a healthy kick in the pants and do double duty by helping you see that “out there” might just be a pretty fab place to be!

As always, please make Jon feel welcome by sharing your own thoughts in the comments below. 

The key to building a successful business is being brave and being determined to make something work.

But sometimes, some people have to be braver than others. If your business idea is particularly obscure or crazy – it can be an incredibly hard job trying to not only secure your business plan, but also secure funding too!

After all, it takes incredible pitching skills to pitch a wacky idea, because investors don’t often choose the dangerous or risky option.

Here are some amazing business ideas that worked a treat – but that were originally deemed crazy or insane. See what you think… would you have invested your money in these ideas?

The Million Dollar Homepage

This idea is probably one of the most well-known examples of the insane being the brilliant. This guy set up a webpage selling advertising space to companies who could buy a certain amounts of pixels for money.

The idea seemed a little pointless to most… until the website got lots of attention and the pixels started selling like hotcakes!

All Year Wish Bones

Have you ever wanted a bit of extra luck but not been sure where to get it? Well the owner of this business decided to capitalise on that by selling wish-bones all year round.

Usually we can only get our hands on a wish bone when Christmas comes around – but thank to this business we can order whenever we’re feeling a bit unlucky.

Animal Manikins

This weird idea for an invention came about when students refused to dissect a real rat during school time. This company decided to create an alternative to the dead animals and create fake animals instead.

The manikins even come with fake blood… should you want to make it even more convincing.

Square Watermelons

Sounds weird right? Well apparently this “invention” has gone crazy in Japan.

Farmers insert the small melons into square cases to resume their growth, which makes them easier for shops to stack and transport. Makes sense to us!

Chewy Jewelry

So you know when you’re holding a baby and they start chewing on your necklace or chain? No? Well the inventors of this business had that problem and decided to do something about it.

They created a jewelry range that children can teethe on safely, but that looks good too. They’re already making money and even have celebrity endorsements!

Antenna Balls

Selling mini plastic balls that sit on your antenna? Sounds pointless at first. Then you realise the guy who invented them is a millionaire and you swiftly rethink your thoughts.

What else can you put on an antenna?


At first you look at Crocs and cringe. They’re not pretty, they don’t look stylish and they come in some of the most garish colours known to man.

Add to that, the fact they make your feet look three sizes bigger than they really are and you have a recipe for something bound to fail.

But they didn’t. In fact, they went global and made millions. Who’d have thought it?


Goggles for dogs. Do I need to say anymore? The inventor is making millions.

Ling Cars

This is a car rental website, although at first glance you’d be unsure about what exactly they were selling. Don’t understand what I’m on about…? Take a look at the website and you soon will!

The website is crazy, colourful and a little overwhelming – but you’d definitely remember it!

Microwavable Pillows

Can you imagine what was running through the person’s mind who invented the microwavable pillow? We can!

It’s something we’ve all thought about, but none of us would have followed through!

We wish we’d invented it first!

And we now move on to commercials. See you next post! 😉 Oh and as always, shares are uber appreciated my precious dork. Xo!

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About the author

Jonny Devine

Jon likes nothing more than seeing a crazy idea come to fruition. He currently works for Ladbrokes.

By Jonny Devine

Jonny Devine

Jon likes nothing more than seeing a crazy idea come to fruition. He currently works for Ladbrokes.

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