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Hey my lovelies!

I did promise more videos, didn’t I?  Good, bad or ugly!

Please excuse the rag-a-muffin look, it does seem to come naturally. 😉


Here is a very short video, dedicated to Thom of and to YOU, who should all totally subscribe to his publication. #JustSayin’.  Thom- this thank you’s for you, kid. 😉 (Damn I crack myself up sometimes…)

Thom produces an online magazine geared towards helping people find their 1000 true fans. He really does a kick ass job with it, and you can tell he puts a lot of time and effort into making it valuable to his readers.  AND…

It don’t cost a thing baby! (Love don’t cost a thing, thing, thing…)

I hope ya’ll take a moment to check out Thom’s publication and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea reading all the amazing content.  And if you totally love it, make sure you sing it from the roof tops and tell everyone you know.  M’kay?


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