Hello. My name is. Wha??? SLIM SHADY!!- Oh Wait.. I mean Cori!

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So what’s your name?

OK ladies and gents… I know many of you are subscribed to BGB’s newsletter (hint: the sign up box is over to the left!), as well as RSS and Email. .. so I KNOW you’re reader’s of mine!  (Yep, your secrets out!)

However, only a handful of you have made yourself known to the rest of us by commenting (which I totally appreciate by the way!!!) and I’d like for all of us to get to know each other a little better if you’re game.  I know many of you are ‘lurkers’ and I get that… but it’s time to come out of hiding at least once!

Pretty please? 🙂

See… I know how to ask nicely!

And to wheedle you even more into making yourself known and letting the rest of us get to know you I’m even resorting to bribery.  But we’ll call it a mini-contest, kinda.

OK, so here are the ‘rules’.

I’d like you to introduce yourself below in the comments.

Start with:

1.  Your name (or pen name if you’re really scared.)

2.  What you do… as in are you an entrepreneur? Do you work for a J.O.B.?  Are you a ‘moonlighter’?  Or even ::gasp!:: a gigolo?! (Kidding!)

3.  And then, just for kicks give us a link to your website (no affiliate links please) and/or your favorite social media site where we can connect with you some more. (yes you can use anchor links if you want.)

OK, fine… two social media sites, but no more than that… capisce?

That way we can all follow each other and stalk each other and have all kinds of social fun and shenanigans together.

4.  Then tell us what your favorite thing about Big Girl Branding is.  (Yes, I need a little ego stroking, so sue me!) Or even what you hate, I can take it!

6.  Then tell us one way we might can help you take another small step towards a personal or professional victory.  Maybe you need us to help spread the word on a new blog post or you just need a word of encouragement about something that’s weighing on you (that you don’t mind sharing of course!)  Maybe you need some feedback on a new website you’ve started or some feedback on a new idea.  Whatever it is, share your request and hopefully at least one of us can offer some sort of help.

7.  Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you.

8.  And then tell us one thing you WISH people DIDN’T know about you, but unfortunately… they do!  (And this is where the contest kicks in, because the funnier and wackier this answer is (but truthful mind you!)… the bigger your chance of winning…

Wait for it… wait…

Wait… Yes!

I know… you’re totally excited right?!

Hey, $10 bucks can buy you a coffee and a Whopper ya know!  And you only have to answer a couple little questions and introduce yourself for a chance to win such a spectacular prize.  Easy money eh?

Plus, don’t forget you get to post your links in a blatantly self-promotional manner, so that’s like brownie points or something.

And because my friend Mars pointed out giving a cash prize wasn’t very entrepreneurial of me… I’ll also help the winner promote their own site or blog on my 30,000+ Twitter network every day for two weeks straight.

I’ll leave the contest open until Monday… any comments left after Monday are simply because you love us and want us all to get to know you…  all entries before Monday have the chance to win.

The $10 bucks will be sent via Paypal in cold, hard dinero via yours truly.

And the winner will be picked ALSO by yours truly… all entries judged by my physical reaction to your number 8 response.

For instance… if your story makes me snort coffee up my nose and choke because I’m laughing so hard… you might be $10 bucks richer.

But if your story makes me fall asleep and smack my head on my desk… well… let’s just say I’m keeping my $10 bucks and giving it to some other deserving fellow.  That means not you.  Sorry!





(Not all at once now, geez.)

No really… I mean NOW!

Pretty please? 😉

Warm regards,

AKA k0zm0zs0ul

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