HOW TO: 5 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive- Entrepreneur Style!


This is a guest post from Aimee, on a subject near and dear to my heart since it’s something I struggle with all the time.

Productivity and staying on task can be the bane of an entrepreneurs existence… when you work for yourself it can be HARD to stay disciplined enough to get your work done and keep your priorities straight.

And I don’t know about you, but when I feel scattered and unproductive, I feel like a total slacker. My sense of self-pride goes out the window and before you know it I’m not getting anything done short of having a pity party and bemoaning all my “troubles”!

Feeling organized, efficient and productive is important not just from a business sense but also to keep your self-esteem high and your sense of accomplishment and purpose percolating.

So to help me personally stay on track and organized I actually use a tool called Action Enforcer to help me, which I guess would fall under the “work smart” category! đŸ™‚

In addition to making tools your friend, Aimee’s got some great tips here on how to get your day back on track and get the most mileage out of your time so you can get back your own sense of achievement and self-pride.

When you’re done reading, I’d love to hear your own ways you overcome problems like self-discipline and how you keep your day productive and all flow-y and Zen. Drop your thoughts in the comments below to share.

We all have dreams, passions and projects that we hope to pursue and complete one day.

Yet with the rigors of daily living including work and domestic life, we often feel that we just cannot find the time to start them, let alone see them to fruition.

The frustration from this often causes a bucket full of resentment and even a lack of self-worth. Although it is easy to just resign to this seemingly sad fate, it is more fitting for humans to do the opposite and persevere.

It is easier said than done but making a single day as productive as possible is a good mantra to begin with. Here are some tips to inspire you to believe that you can do more with your life and bring back that sense of self-worth.

1. Re-align Your Life

Stop and think on where you are right now and where you want to be. Then give your life a hard look starting with what makes up your day and if it is possible to adjust those items – may it be your job or domestic chores, to align it with your goals.

Say if you wish to take up a Master’s Degree, find out how you can do that around your work hours or if you can afford to work part-time. Scheduling may be all it needs or sacrifices may be required in the short term.

Figure it out and set the necessary changes to start the ball rolling for that more profound goal.

2. Put Your Plan in Writing

It is wise to invest on a notebook or two to write down your great ideas on how to make your project happen. If you plan to start a business then make a list of what type of venture you are likely to pursue.

Remember that often, bursts of creativity and inspiration happen when you least expect them so having a separate journal for each of your life goals handy at these eureka moments will help you get organized.

It is also important to break down the steps you’ll be undertaking, set a deadline and tick them off when done to give that sense of achievement.

3. Remove Distractions and Work Smart

Set and keep your priorities straight all the time. Tell yourself every morning if what you plan to do is really what matters that day. Avoid time wasters such as the Internet and social media (except as it applies to your business) so you can really make use of your hours and finish the more relevant task at hand.

You’ll be surprised how many  items on your to do list you can actually do when distractions are placed on a minimum and your commitment is optimum.

4. Challenge Yourself

Put in more tasks on your day gradually and you’ll find yourself rising to the challenge. Often a healthy stress level is all you need to compel yourself to work effectively and  efficiently. But avoid overwhelming yourself with too much tasks that you cannot seem to work on one properly.

Find your balance and when you find yourself biting more than you can chew, do not hesitate to delay your plans, say no or abandon a project temporarily until you regain that healthy work balance. (It’s also always helpful to have back-up plans!)

5. Seek Help

Acknowledge the fact that you cannot do everything by yourself nor are you always equipped with all the skills that your project may demand. Sometimes you need to outsource assignments to avoid burning out. There is nothing wrong with letting the best man for the job do that specific job for you.

You can ask a sibling to help you out with marketing plans or a friend to do a good write up.  Always think of what’s best for the project and for it‘s immediate success. And if asking people to join you is the answer then go for it and together your days will be more productive than ever.

Now, please share your tips on how you manage to be productive when working from home!

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About the author

Aimee Hage

Aimee is a freelance writer and creative blogger writing for Sell My Timeshare blog, the regularly updated travel resource.

By Aimee Hage

Aimee Hage

Aimee is a freelance writer and creative blogger writing for Sell My Timeshare blog, the regularly updated travel resource.

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