Procrastination Assassination: Know and Beat Your Productivity Enemy


In a nutshell, procrastination is putting off important tasks that a person should be focusing on at the moment. If you have been or are constantly behaving in this manner, you are just one of the many people with procrastination issues.

The fact that there is a majority of people doing the same thing does not make it less of a problem. Being an entrepreneur or a freelancer is a difficult job to start with and such behavior can lead to even bigger problems in the long run. Putting off important tasks can stop you from fulfilling your life and even damage your career.

Generally speaking, there are 6 types of procrastination based on character. Have a look at the list below for details and advice on overcoming each of these:

The Perfectionist

  • A perfectionist is a person who wants every detail to be perfect and the thought of going through the entire process can often be quite overwhelming.

If you are one of those who procrastinate because of this, there are a few simple steps to follow to overcome this problem. What you need to do is focus on the realistic things.

Work to achieve excellence, not perfection. Additionally, you can always ask for support and help from others. You may be surprised of how much they can help you when you are under too much pressure.

The Dreamer

  • A dreamer is the person who avoids real-life situations and focuses on abstract thoughts instead.

What you should do in this case is to differentiate between goals and dreams without chances of success. If your dream is worth becoming a reality, make sure to turn it into your goal.

The only way to do this is by defining how, when and why you want to complete it. When you do, make sure that you have a to-do list that you will gradually fulfill, day by day. Schedule some of your time for daydreaming.

The Defier

  • A defier is a person who avoids tasks because they think tasks are taking up time and energy unnecessarily. These people maintain control and tend to procrastinate in order to retain a certain sense of individuality.

If you are a defier, you must define your priorities and put some energy into each of them. How to do this? You can do this by being aware of defiance, question long-term regrets and respond to a task prior to acting. It would really help you to learn some strategies for self-calming.

You should choose one task weekly in order to maintain your sense for individuality. And when you do not complete what you wanted to, do not hide but own up to your actions.

The Over-Doer

  • An over-doer cannot prioritize and takes up many demands and tasks at the same time. The result is too much tasks with too little time to achieve them and the only thing left to do is procrastinate.

Every person needs to know their personal limits. If you over-do, you cannot rank the priorities you have in life and you cannot possibly make choices accordingly. This is why it is necessary to find some time for relaxation, time for yourself.

Try and focus on how to gain control over the tasks that are controlling you all the time. And most importantly, learn the word no. Make a list of real priorities and avoid those who do not need to be in it.

The Worrier

  • A worrier is a person who worries too much about a task. To this person, many of the tasks seem to be risky and they often choose the comfort zone instead of aiming for a change.

Being careful is not a bad thing, but you have to be realistic about the risks. If you cannot do this by yourself, talk to someone close to you and do not allow your insecurity to take you out of action.

If you can, break down bigger tasks into smaller ones and try to fulfill them part by part every day, while at the same time considering the results and comparing them to the risks.

The Crisis-Maker

  • A crisis-maker is the one who wants to be under pressure to be able to work. These people create tight deadlines or find extremely difficult tasks because challenge makes them work harder.

What to do? Try to be more moderate. You could avoid being dramatic and avoid speaking in this manner. Try to understand the fact that a task may seem boring now, but can prove to be interesting on the way to fulfilling it.

Being an entrepreneur or a freelancer is not a job without challenges and if you want to be successful, you must be prepared for them. Keep a record of the crises of procrastination and create interesting deadlines or engage in adrenaline rush activities such as competitive sports. There are many actions to take to avoid procrastination, but you must choose the ones that fit you most.

If you manage to spend more time without procrastinating, the chances of breaking the habit that can ruin your life and freelancing career can prove to be increasingly high. Try to define your character from the list above and get this life-damaging habit out of your life for good!

Over To You

Do you procrastinate? Which of the above would you classify as you? What are some of the ways you overcome procrastination yourself? Drop your comments below.

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About the author

Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson is a professional writer and editor. She works for assignment writing service where she is a senior content creator for various projects and also manages an editing team.

By Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson is a professional writer and editor. She works for assignment writing service where she is a senior content creator for various projects and also manages an editing team.

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