Smart Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs and Small Biz Owners


This is a guest post courtesy of Miz Sue Fenton. If you’re feeling any kinda overwhelmed with your business and entrepreneurial shenanigans, it “may” be time to consider outsourcing.  Just throwing it out there. 🙂 Please make Sue feel welcome in the comments below. If you run a business, you are likely to be (at least somewhat) familiar with outsourcing. Ie: contracting for...

To Do… or Not To Do… Getting Social with a Marketing Agency


Social media is here to stay folks. The platforms may change, processes may change, but it’s definitely not going anywhere. Unless of course we experience a sudden worldwide blackout, REVOLUTION style. (Tell me you get the reference!) But I digress. Some people, unfortunately for them, still tend to look at social media as a waste of time, or as merely a toy for young people. Some...

Good Hiring Practices Every Savvy Entrepreneur Should Know


When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it isn’t always easy.  And whether you’re a solopreneur that outsources certain aspects of your business,  or a small business with regular employees, good help can be hard to find! However it doesn’t have to be quite so difficult, if you put a few systems and practices into place first. When you know exactly what you need and what...

5 Things Smart Entrepreneurs Know- It’s Almost Like, Religion Kinda!


OK, maybe not exactly religion, but heck if you’re a smarty… you’re a smarty!  Worship at the altar of smarty pants and flaunt it if you know it.  Er… or something to that effect anyway. And if you don’t yet know these 5 things, prepare to be enlightened, and join the ranks of smarty pants the world over. Dum da dum dum… Ooohh… that was a bit dramatic wasn’t it? Alright, enough with the...

1 Plus 2 Equals More of You- Effective Delegation Rocks!


Delegation. What is this crazy idea you speak of?! Relax.  It’s really not that crazy of an idea at all. “Delegation means delegating responsibility, authority and accountability”.  Now… doesn’t that sound pretty sweet?  Sheesh, it does in my book!  Who wouldn’t want to hand off a bit of responsibility and accountability to someone else?  In strictly a good way of course! 😉 Effective delegation...


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