Love + Combat Boots + a Little Dork Fun = the #BGB Wedding


Hey BGB’ers… Happy Monday! 🙂 Just wanted to do a bit of a more personal post today and share some of my life with you. I haven’t posted much on the personal end since my Dad died. But I did announce in 2010 that my guy and I finally got engaged. And despite all the roadblocks the last two years have thrown our way, the big day finally was set and came on January 30th of this...

Top 6 Reasons You Need to Schedule Me-Time And No Arguing!


When you’re starting out on your own and establishing yourself as an entrepreneur, the hours can be very long. And when you’re a one-woman team, juggling between being the CEO, the marketing guy (um, girl…), the secretary, the accountant, the tech administrator, and even the janitor (!) it’s hard work. Long workdays can suck the energy from you. I know, I’m feeling that energy suck today! And...


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