The Cherry Has Been Popped! (And Other Blog Carnival News)


Hey BGB’ers!

OK, today is the big day! The results of my first ever Blog Carnival, run by Miz Joella at BlogsWithWings and hosted by yours truly.

First I want to thank everyone who participated; it was fun to read everyone’s views on monetizing a blog without ticking your readers off and making a general fat mess of it. J

We actually got a ton of spam submissions as well, which was extremely annoying, so just a side note… if you intend to host a carnival, expect some spammers! Lol

Now without further hoopla, let’s get into the non-spam entries that actually had something valuable to contribute. These entries are all listed under the category they chose to submit under, in no particular order. Drum roll pleeaaazzee! 😉

Blog Integrity

Miz Angie Presents:

Making money… on my blog? *gasp* posted at Angie Go Boom .

In this post Angie explores the idea of monetizing her blog tastefully by choosing to think of it much like a magazine editor thinks of a magazine. Her blog is a tool for getting her writer’s voice heard, and any product’s she chooses to promote via ads is the way she helps to fund her passion. Always keeping in mind her readers of course and choosing only those products she believes in. Well done!

Miz Jean Sarauer Presents:

Reboot Your Blog (How to Turn Profits Instead of Stomachs) posted at Virgin Blogger Notes.

Written in a style that is uniquely Jean, this post is great print out and hang by your desk material, as a checklist and reminder of all the things that are important to keep in mind when attempting to monetize a blog successfully. Things like feeling your reader’s pain, and being real. In essence, putting your readers first, always. Well done!

Miz Erin Hill Presents:

The Nice Girls’ Guide to Monetizing Your Blog posted at Nirvana Mamma.

This post is written by the lovely Erin, a lady who at first didn’t feel she could contribute as she is just exploring ideas of monetizing rather than actually implementing any yet. I urged her to contribute anyway, as that’s what we were after. Ideas and ways it can be done, and done WELL. I think she did an excellent job and rose to the occasion, how about ya’ll?


Miz Joella Molson Presents:

Pay-Per-Post… How to Not Make Money on Your Blog! posted at BlogsWithWings.

This post is by the blog carnival runner herself, Joella Angel! It covers the whole pay-per-post thang, and making it work for you without ticking people off. Ethics? Check. Integrity? Check. Full disclosure? Check! Well done Angel!

Miz Ana Hoffman Presents:

Traffic Conversion: 7 Ways to Better Traffic Conversion posted at Traffic Generation Cafe.

This is a post by the lovely Ana. I hesitated at including this post at first, but Ana agreed to make a couple changes, and it was such a spectacular piece, I couldn’t NOT let ya’ll take a peek at it. Really it’s a great tutorial on ways to convert the traffic you receive into customers and clients, regardless of the method you choose to actually make money on your blog. Conversion is everything when it comes to making money! Well done Ana!

Mavis Nong Presents:

Blogging – Understanding The BIG Picture! posted at Attraction Marketing Online.

This is a great post by Mavis that discusses all the things you need to consider when optimizing your site for your readers. This is based on the age old adage of “The Money is in the List”. And there ain’t no list if you can’t give your readers exactly what they want! Great post, great read!

Mr. Corbett Barr Presents:

How I Created a Thriving Business Around this Blog in 5 Months (Think Traffic Monthly Report #5) posted at Think Traffic.

This is a post by a chap named Corbett, who I am coming to enjoy reading and respect more and more the more I read! (Yikes that was a bit of a mouthful.) I think the title pretty much says it all, and I can’t say enough about what I think of Corbett’s professionalism and integrity. Well worth reading again and again in my book!

Miz Jay Philips Presents:

You Mean I Could Make Money and Get Traffic? 15+ Great Tips posted at Words From a Purple Mind.

This is a post written by Jay with some great, no-nonsense, no-fluff ideas on monetizing a blog. While some of the methods “could” potentially be used in distasteful manner, with the right blog and the right person using them, all could be done with integrity as well. Well done Jay!

Mr. Bob Presents:

How to make money online blogging posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Bob contributed this excellent post, and in his own words- This is a 7000 word article I wrote documenting how I make a full-time living from my blog. Nuff said right? Can’t do better than that!

June Tree Presents:

Make Money Blogging: Top Bloggers And How Much They Earn posted at The Digerati Life.

OK, so “technically” this isn’t exactly about monetizing a blog per se… but it’s some great stories of bloggers who are doing it and doing it well, so I thought you could really learn a lot from it! And maybe even have an inspired moment or three. Basically this is a “YES, IT CAN BE DONE” sorta post. Happy reading!

Business Blogging

Miz Donna Fontenot Presents:

How To Transition From a Personal Blog To A Business Blog Without Losing All Your Regular Visitors posted at DazzlinDonna – Making A Living Online.

Donna wrote a great piece here about her own personal experiences of transitioning from a personal blog into a business geared blog, that I think we could all learn a few lessons from. And Donna herself is an excellent example of integrity and all around goodness, so I urge you to read it and learn grasshopper… learn!

Mr. David Hennessey Presents:

Earn Money by Making Your Knowledge Easier to Access posted at Grow Your Wellness Biz.

David here discusses a great way to monetize your blog, and at the same time deliver real value and convenience to your readers. As he says, if you’ve folks digging through your archives anyway, why not use your content to create a more easily accessible version of the best of it? And in the process earn a bit of money to feed your family. Win, win!

Mr. Andrew Rondeau Presents:

How is Blogging Good for Business? posted at We Build Your Blog.

Andrew here discusses just why blogs have become such effective business tools, and explores a couple options and ways you can monetize YOUR blog as well, and of course… why you’d even want to. Well done!

Mr. Cary Ganz Presents:

The Six (6) Apps and Plug-ins You Need Now! posted at TwitterRight Blog.

I included this post by Cary because he goes over some great tools you might need in your blogging business kit in order to do it well. After all, you can’t monetize a blog without a bit of help right? That’s where the tools come in! Happy reading BGB’ers!

Mr. David Crandall Presents:

How to Make Money without being a Scammy Bastard posted at Heroic Destiny.

This bit of love comes from David, a more integrity laden chap I think I’ve yet to meet. Not only does he put #customerlove at number one, he gives you a number one secret to asking your readers for money without being well… a scammy bastard. His solution? Make ‘em love you first! Pretty good advice right?

Miz Jessica Presents:

Hi My Name is ____ and I’m Broke posted at It Rocks 2B Mom

This is a post by Jessica who’s a mom struggling with the whole “being broke” phase that happens at even the best of times. She shares her story, along with some ways that explores how she’s gone about trying to monetize her blog with integrity that is sure to spark some ideas for you as well. Give it a read and let her know how you think she’s doing so far.

And there you have it BGB’ers! My first ever blog carnival and hey! It didn’t even hurt! (Sorry, had to say it!) I hope you enjoy reading these spectacular posts, and be sure to drop any thoughts, questions, or observations in the comments below. We’d all love to hear them!


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Cori (that's me!) is a wildly hire-able freelance writer as well as the creative brains and dubious brawn behind this blog you're reading right now, My Name is Cori, & Salt, Light, and Faith. Oh and you might also call her an author. Visit C.B. Stone Books for more.

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