Potential UX Design Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of User Experience


Crafting the best user experience (UX) is a primary goal when you want to build a great application. People love user-centric products that provide exceptional value and are easy to use with simple navigational interfaces. If you develop applications with such things in mind, you’ll surely make big. 

Thus, UI/UX is not something that can be easily overlooked, and that is why it is important to understand trends in this domain. These UX trends are ageless in their impact, and it only makes sense to keep an eye on them to create the best apps with an excellent user experience. 

In this article, we will discover the ongoing UX design trends that are smartly shaping the future of this domain and our everyday applications. Let’s begin with a peep at the future of these UX trends. 

The Future of UX Trends

The powerful new-age technologies are turning out to be game-changers in defining the future of UX trends. Some of the prominent ones are:

AI revolution

AI has positively impacted many areas, and UX is one of them. With AI, businesses can create highly personalized marketing campaigns or product recommendations for their users. Moreover, guidance bots can also be created, which users can leverage to make their way through all your offerings and find the best ones for them. The AI revolution will continue to enhance the user experience across all industries. 

Development of the Metaverse

The development of Metaverse is a UX trend that will continue to rise in the coming years. As more people realize the benefits of AR/VR applications, the Metaverse is going to grow. Metaverse offers businesses and customers a way to connect online and get the customer experience without being physically near. 

User-friendly in broader aspects.

User-friendliness just does not end up being easy to use. In the future, this term will become broader and encompass things like accessibility support and other possible help for people with challenging needs. Catering to users with some limitations, like color blindness or hearing or partial visibility, the usability of the product increases, ultimately leading to agile business growth.

Businesses will take a step towards making their applications more friendly to such users by accommodating voice commands and accessibility updates on their apps.

Sophistication scrolling

Scrolling is done by customers when they are looking for items on your website or applications, and a good scrolling experience makes a big difference. Businesses will continue to use parallax scrolling effects to ensure smooth content rolling and transitions among elements on a website.

Extreme personalization of the user experience.

A personalized user experience goes a long way toward building a loyal customer base, and businesses are leveraging extreme personalization for many things. From marketing campaigns to product recommendations and customer support services, the extreme personalization of services is going to rise in the future. And this is the right time to invest in it to establish a one-on-one connection with your customers. 

Knowing the future of UX trends, let’s discuss some of them that have huge potential to transform your site experience.

UX Trends to Look Out For

Immersive Reality

Immersive reality is one of the biggest leaps in customer experience that the world has seen in recent times. It augments the real-world elements into the virtual realms, taking the experience a notch higher. 

Suppose you are someone who loves to shop in person. But due to some reasons, you cannot go to the store at the moment. With immersive reality solutions developed through AR/VR technologies, you can have the same in-person shopping experience without leaving home. 

AR/VR and metaverse technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, enabling businesses across industries from entertainment to education, healthcare, real estate, & more to build high-quality immersive, real-life-like experiences. Leveraging it in their marketing strategies, they will be able to create positive brand emotions, boosting sales. 

These AR/VR technologies are bridging the reality gap between the physical and virtual worlds, allowing businesses and customers to connect online and enhance user engagement. Apart from eCommerce strategies, immersive reality is also reshaping the gaming and travel industries by providing riveting experiences in the comfort of your home.

AI-powered Personalization

AI-powered hyper-personalization is another UX trend that will create remarkable experiences for all customers. If you are in an eCommerce business, you can adopt AI-powered personalization for product recommendations based on past purchases or as per the current products the user is checking out. 

Additionally, suggesting customers intuitively based on customer behavior through AI algorithms reduces their extensive search time, enhances the site experience, & builds stronger individualistic connections, forming a loyal customer base that keeps coming back to your site. Such curated experiences will help businesses generate more sales. 

Personalized chatbots and marketing campaigns also make a huge impact on your brand image among your customers. Marketing teams can leverage machine learning frameworks and techniques to uncover hidden patterns in your operational data and find the best target audience for each campaign, which results in better conversion rates.

Minimalist and Ethical Designs

Minimalism is an upcoming movement that is changing how the content on a website is assembled. Gone are the times when visitors wanted websites full of flashy things and clutter. Today, they are looking for websites that are clutter-free, less confusing, and aesthetic, with fewer elements that are easy to work with. 

For instance, the workout apps for a purpose-driven experience. With categorized exercises, videos, routines, & a time tracker, they aim to help you exercise & use the app together without much complexity. Hence, minimalist designs are getting all the love, and if you build value-led digital solutions, you’ll be able to elevate your UX by many folds. 

Moreover, following ethical designs significantly focuses on your diverse users, their preferences, personal data, privacy, & online safety. It promotes equality on the internet so that everyone can use apps and websites without being challenged in any way. 

Voice-enabled Interfaces

With the growing adoption of voice-controlled devices like smart home controllers and personal digital assistants, voice-assisted user interfaces are also increasing. Companies are enabling voice-controlled features on their websites so that people can access the websites in a hands-free mode. 

The best example here is that of Google. By providing users with their own local language-based voice search, they widen their user market & personalization. This also lays the foundation for the future of accessibility solutions, where people with physical challenges can access the internet without facing setbacks.

After getting an insight into these amazing UX trends, you might be ready to adopt them. But as a UX designer, you also need to focus on certain essential factors. So, let’s look at them next.

Essential Factors UX Designers Must Remember

Clear information hierarchy

As a user experience designer, your primary goal is to make information available to users so they can access it easily. By establishing a clear information hierarchy across interfaces, you can hint users to automatically understand information flow. This can be done by mapping an intuitive user journey through different typography and other graphical elements to segment elements on pages. 

Responsive design

Nowadays, with a major portion of internet traffic emerging from mobile devices, it is essential to have a responsive design. A responsive design ensures your web pages are easily usable across devices and screen sizes, increasing interactions. Moreover, a responsive design can single-handedly elevate the user experience of any website if it is done correctly. 

Contextual design

Context is important in crafting an excellent user experience for websites and applications. When you know how the application will be used, what the target audience of the application is, and what the goals of the application users are, you can create designs that promote achieving those goals easily.  


Every UX designer should keep adaptability at the center while designing interfaces and experiences. No matter how innovative an experience is, it does not make sense if the users cannot adopt it. Hence, always create designs that are easy to adapt for all audiences of the application.


Keeping a consistent design & performance across your web applications makes it easy to relate to a design, so customers can know their way around different pages. Moreover, consistency also helps in reusing components and colors that relate to your brand better. 

Coming to an end, you have learned considerably about the potential & future of UX trends reshaping user experiences. It puts human experiences at the core of technology usage.  

We also highlighted the important factors UX designers should keep in mind while designing experiences. So, use all this knowledge together and provide the best user experience to your customers for a failsafe future. 

About the author

Harikrishna Kundariya

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 12+ years of experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and SaaS applications.

Harikrishna Kundariya

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 12+ years of experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and SaaS applications.

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