#BGB #Infographic: Creating a Brand Identity for Small Biz

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Building a strong brand identity can be challenging.

Whether you are new business owner or have been in the game for years, you should be thinking about the way your business is established in the marketplace.

Thinking through the key elements of brand identity can help you succeed in acquiring new customers and retaining old ones. One of the most important steps is choosing a target niche. After you choose your target audience, the next step is rethinking their needs and finding ways to gain and retain audience trust and loyalty.

This may be easier said than done!

There are a few rules for developing key elements of brand identity that might help.

The famous saying “design is the silent ambassador of your brand,” carries an important message. Design is one of the key parts of brand identity, but you shouldn’t stop at well-fitted design.

Brand identity also communicates your core values.

That means your slogan, logo, design, copy all communicate something. Let’s not forget the type of industry you run your business in, either. Your message needs to be relevant to who you are trying to reach.

A brand should be consistent across all channels, and your customers should be able to differentiate your brand from the competition with ease. It’s well known that customers are more likely to buy a product or a service if they share values with the company they are buying from.

The whole, “know, like, trust,” component!

Anyhoo, all that said, take a peek at this infographic. It helps to shine a light on some key elements of brand identity and offers tips on how to establish them properly. I hope you find it useful!

Creating Brand Identity for Small Business

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