#BGB Tutorials: Influencer Marketing No-No’s

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Zak Mustapha is the Man!

He reached out to over two hundred bloggers, entrepreneurs, influencers and experts within their industries, and asked them one simple question:

What’s the biggest mistake they’ve ever made (or seen others make) when it comes to ‘Influencer Marketing’?

217 of them responded with insights, wisdom, and nuggets of gold when it comes to smart marketing, and how best to approach, communicate to, and partner with, influencers within an industry. Here’s a big hint… influencers are just people too. Busy people, just like you and me. But people, nonetheless.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Check it out on Zak’s blog here:

Influencer Marketing Mistakes Guide

Or if you prefer to have your reading broken down a little more, you can check it out over on Huffington Post in a 3 part series here:

Worst Influencer Marketing Mistakes Part 1

Worst Influencer Marketing Mistakes Part 2

Worst Influencer Marketing Mistakes Part 3

Sit down, grab some coffee, and enjoy, this ain’t your average round-up piece!

Over to You

Made any stellar mistakes when approaching an influencer lately? Drop your comments below.

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