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Safeguards Necessary Before You Build a Personal Brand


In a Web 2.0 society, personal branding is intrinsically linked to the Internet, especially when it comes to personal websites and social media profiles. As the face of your business or service, it makes good marketing sense to build an authentic, personal relationship with your audience. However, when doing so, you need to keep in mind that you’re giving out information to a lot of people...

Focusing on the Human: How to Humanize Your Brand Online


This is a guest post courtesy of Ana Silva. We are moving towards a future that values real human qualities in brands and big corporations. In today’s world, customers are increasingly turning to brands that they can really believe in and trust, building relationships and extending communication channels. Breaking down corporate barriers and humanizing your brand is the best way of developing and...

A Sing-Along Year: The Catchiest Jingles of 2014


I don’t know about you, but I firmly believe music holds power. A lot of power. I’m a faith kind of girl, so in particular I believe worship music holds extreme power, but all types of music can be powerful when it comes to bringing to mind memories of days gone by, or uniting a group of people in a way that only music can. Music can also be powerful in business and branding. How many...

Share (Eeeks!) Videos to Increase #BrandAwareness for Your #SmallBusiness


Howdy BGB’ers. So. On average, five tweets per second contain a Vine link, according to research from tech company Unruly. Consider Vine reports more than 40 million registered users and parent company Twitter reports more than 241 million active monthly users, and you can imagine the potential reach of those six-second videos. Like, woah. YouTube gets more than 1 billion unique visitors...

4 Keys to Building a Kick Ass Branding Crew


Products and services may determine how customers value businesses, but those companies may never get a shot at their target clientele without an effective brand strategy. Ouch. Harsh huh. Brands have plenty of work to do in a competitive market. Not only must they establish and promote themselves to the right customers, they must do so in a way that differentiates them from competing brands...

7 Ways to Build Your Brand- Breaking Bad Style


This is a guest post courtesy of Akshay. (Who by the way has the coolest name on the planet.) If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. How does a devoted family man turn into a cold-blooded, sadistic sociopath? The transformation of Walter White into drug kingpin Heisenberg enthralled millions of viewers because no other show has so brilliantly captured such...

Vine – Why it Could be Your Brand Story Teller


Ya’ll have heard of Vine right? Vine my darlings, not vino. (Although a little vino at the moment wouldn’t be remiss. But I digress.) So I’ll admit I’m a slacker in the Vine department and haven’t messed with it yet. But methinks I might jump on the bandwagon, and mayhap you should too. But first let me tell you why. 😉 The growth in the number of mobile devices on...

Brand Building Tips for the Not-So-Average Joes and Janes


This is a guest post courtesy of Kate with tips on things you might want to consider before diving headlong into a branding campaign.  It’s important to have a destination in mind whenever you embark on any journey. And branding is (at least in my book) ultimately a journey of discovery, whether you are trying to build a personal brand to platform off of, or a business brand designed to...

Breathing Personality Into Your Branding Strategy


This is a guest post courtesy of Guy Asher. Ya’ll know I’m all about injecting a little personality into your copy and messaging, and using personality to help your brand stand a step above the rest.  Guy here has some interesting tips on ways you can do just that. Got ideas of your own? Feel free to share in the comments below this post.  You probably describe your business a certain...


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