4 Keys to Building a Kick Ass Branding Crew


Products and services may determine how customers value businesses, but those companies may never get a shot at their target clientele without an effective brand strategy.

Ouch. Harsh huh.

Brands have plenty of work to do in a competitive market.

Not only must they establish and promote themselves to the right customers, they must do so in a way that differentiates them from competing brands, according to Brand Strategy Insider.

Providing a personal touch to your business often requires a carefully built brand marketing team. Unless of course you’re a one person show like yours truly.

Then you get to play all the roles of a brand marketing team! Ah the joys of solo entrepreneurship. But I digress.

If you’re facing the challenge of building a team to develop and manage your company’s brand, lets start with four tips that may help guide you in the right direction.

Embrace Go-Getter Personalities

You know, people that bring their own ideas. People that have brains and actually use them.

Folks that flex their creative muscles and are more than willing to think outside the box, take a risk or three.

The personalities on your branding team will have a huge impact on the quality of your branding approach. That’s why it’s uber important to choose them wisely. (What? I like the word uber. It’s uber nifty. Hehe.)

While market research and other strategy components may inform branding decisions, it’s still a largely creative process that requires a guts, fortitude, and a wee bit of risky business. (In a good way of course, not the dirty skeevy way. Shame on you!)

As Wendt Partners suggests, companies should bring in professionals who are able to generate their own ideas and think outside of the box.

Branding is all about influencing consumers and guiding their brand experience and reactions. Because there’s always room for innovation, branding staffs should be eager to push the envelope.

Lay Out a Comprehensive Brand Budget

While branding is an essential component of any successful business, your branding efforts can still be constrained by practical issues like finances.

Since most businesses lack an unlimited branding budget, you’ll need to crunch the numbers early on to figure out what resources are available to you.

Not only does this require businesses to develop comprehensive budgets for their brand marketing staff and tactics, but they’ll also need to seek out solutions that can improve both spending and operational efficiency.

Products like Intuit payroll software can help businesses build these budgets while figuring out how their strategy resources can be applied.

Invest in Diverse Perspectives

A customer’s brand experience can occur in a wide range of venues: with business employees, among fellow customers, and within their own personal reactions to advertising and marketing.

On top of that, many businesses are dealing with more than one customer profile, requiring diverse branding approaches and an understanding that not every customer will respond the same way.

Addressing these varied needs and perspectives almost demands a similar diversity among your own branding team. That old adage two heads are always better than one, and all that jazz.

Bring in professionals who possess different specialties and perspectives relevant to your audience, whether it’s a mix of traditional and digital branding experts, branding professionals versed in certain demographics, or other perspectives that might otherwise go unrepresented and ultimately under served.

The more diversity of well-informed perspectives, the better your business will be at creating a comprehensive, uniform branding experience across any scenario and medium.

Provide Motivational Coaching to Your Crew

A talented, diverse staff is necessary to accomplishing your goals in brand development, not to mention any other ventures within your company.

But a business leader’s job isn’t done once he or she hires the right staff. To keep your peeps inspired and focused on the right things, motivation is necessary.

As Digital Spark Marketing notes, business leaders should offer routine coaching and mentoring to continue skill development among employees.

Not only does this improve the quality of work, but it gradually enables individuals to take more responsibility.

Over time, your brand marketing team will evolve to become more dependable. This is vital as a business department that makes decisions for itself and ultimately keeps the beast moving forward.

Over to You

Do you have your own ideas when it comes to surrounding yourself with visionary team members? Are there certain things you look for in choosing folks to help with your branding endeavors? Certain things that automatically turn you off and tell you that this person is not a good fit for your team? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Cori (that's me!) is a wildly hire-able freelance writer as well as the creative brains and dubious brawn behind this blog you're reading right now, My Name is Cori, & Salt, Light, and Faith. Oh and you might also call her an author. Visit C.B. Stone Books for more.

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Cori (that's me!) is a wildly hire-able freelance writer as well as the creative brains and dubious brawn behind this blog you're reading right now, My Name is Cori, & Salt, Light, and Faith. Oh and you might also call her an author. Visit C.B. Stone Books for more.

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