Copywriting for Uninitiated Business Entrepreneurs

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A light bulb moment happens occasionally.

And during this moment… it occurred to me today that perhaps a bit of organization to Big Girl Branding’s content could be in order.  With that in mind, here is the first of many (I hope) to come “cornerstone pages”, “pillar pages”, or “tutorial pages”… whatever particular handle makes you happy.

This particular nicely organized little gem is all about (shh… don’t spoil my fun!) you guessed it… Copywriting for Uninitiated Business Entrepreneurs.  Also known as people who have no clue WTF they’re doing when they write ad copy for their newly founded biz.

If ever you wondered… hmn… how do I write ad copy to sell my stuff, so it actually sounds good and (novel idea this one…) sells stuff?

I’ve actually done several posts on this very topic, and below I’ve attempted to organize them into something insanely helpful and useful.  If I didn’t quite hit the mark, you can yell at me in the comments below.

And if I DID and you absolutely love this newly organized info you never knew was here… you can tell me THAT in the comments below too. (You know my ego is voracious!)

First of all, let’s start with a four part series I did awhile back.

This was way back actually when BGB was naught more than a twinkle in my eye, and SexyCopy.Org ruled the roost.  It’s all about copywriting basics, nay laws actually that are universal.  They apply pretty much any time, anywhere, to any niche or business.

That means it doesn’t matter if you’re a ghostblogger like moi, a gumball machine dealer like Make-Believe Harry, or a real estate broker named Bob.  There are just some things when it comes to writing winning copy that holds true no matter what.

So… dive in and learn something.

The Universal Laws of Good Copywriting for Business Entrepreneurs Part 1

The Universal Laws of Good Copywriting for Business Entrepreneurs Part 2

The Universal Laws of Good Copywriting for Business Entrepreneurs Part 3

The Universal Laws of Good Copywriting for Business Entrepreneurs Part 4

Once you’ve thoroughly amused yourself with those, dive into the articles below.  There we’ll talk about the thought processes you need to keep in mind when crafting a successful sales letter.

From there we’ll move into the emotional response you need to be aiming for in your ad copy, as well as talk about why using fancy words and crazy fonts is probably not the best idea if you’re trying to sell something. 😉

Psychology of a Sales Letter

Elicit Emotions: Using Writing as a Marketing Tool

Triggering Emotion to Increase Sales

Plain English… Spit It Out Already!

Now what?

It’s simple.  Read, learn, implement.  Then let me know how your copywriting has improved by dropping a comment in the box below.  And feel free to shoot me a question if you get stuck, preferably in the comments so we can try and help everyone.

We business entrepreneurs must stick together! 😉

Warm regards,

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