Guest Posting Rewind- Look Before You Leap


Photo by FarCry77 OK.  So I figured since I wrote a post all about guest posting and why it’s a great promotional strategy… I figured I might better follow that up with a few handy do’s and don’ts for all of you out there who are a bit impulsive and want to jump in head first.  (And don’t try to deny it either!) It all sounds pretty simple in theory- you drop a line at handful of high...

Guest Posting- Are You In or Are You Out?


Photo by Tsururadio So, it’s no secret I’ve been on a bit of a guest posting kick the last several months, and it was renewed with even more vigour this past week when several guest posts I had recently submitted went live. With that said, I figured it was a good idea to let you in on exactly WHY I have become such a fan of guest posting.  (Besides, I did promise a longer post the next time...

Newsletter Ideas for Slackers (Um… I Mean Inspirationally Challenged!)


Photo by RP Blakely (Side Note: This is sort of a continuance of the list building theme from the last post. What can I say, I’m on a kick.) If you’ve been observing the online business community these past few years, you immediately notice that the power of the Internet has been spreading like wildfire when it comes to entrepreneurs and small business owners getting their ‘message’ out to the...

List building- the Life Blood of a Web-Based Entrepreneur… ‘Fo Schizzle’!


People tell me all the time that they waste so much writing paper because of the many lists that they have to make. Some folks, for example, need reams and reams of note paper plus different-sized and colored Post-Its to keep track of all the things that they do every day. From the moment they wake up, they busy themselves crossing out the things in their list that they have already accomplished...

Old Skool Marketing- Networking Your Way to Super Stardom


Photo by Fire Horse Leo First of all, let’s square away a few facts. Do you own a small business? Are you an up-and-coming entrepreneur? Are you a freelancer? Are you a blogger? Do you work from home? If you’re any of these, then you “should” know just how important building a viable business network can be. In fact, it can be the one thing that can make or break your solo-entrepreneurial gig and...

Copywriting for Uninitiated Business Entrepreneurs


Photo by YlvaS A light bulb moment happens occasionally. And during this moment… it occurred to me today that perhaps a bit of organization to Big Girl Branding’s content could be in order.  With that in mind, here is the first of many (I hope) to come “cornerstone pages”, “pillar pages”, or “tutorial pages”… whatever particular handle makes...


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