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7 Tips to Make an Effective Ending for a Blog Post- Legendary Even!


This guest post is courtesy of David Tucker. Blogging is fast becoming a marketing cornerstone of effective and relevant brands wanting to make an impact online and differentiate themselves from the rest of the “gen biz pop”. However every great story (or blog post, as it were) deserves a great ending, and sometimes even professional writers have, on occasion, fallen flat in that...

5 Tips for Creating Compelling and Inspired Online Content


This is a guest post courtesy of Alessandra (love her name!). It’s a fave sorta topic around BGB land since I am a freelance writer whose biz revolves around online content (just a smidge). Since writing is essentially BGB’s bread and buttah, feeling a bit stuck some days is pretty common. We can’t all be creative geniuses 24/7 right? Hehe  Fortunately Alessandra is to the...

Entrepreneur Gold- Why Your Small Biz Needs Local SEO


This is a guest post courtesy of Shawna on why you should pay attention to local SEO and it’s potential benefits to your business. While paying attention to SEO strategies in general is always a good idea, focusing your efforts on local SEO can yield faster results with less effort. Who doesn’t like less effort? Please make Shawna feel welcome in the comments below and shout if you...

Watch It! That “Free” Image Could Cost You


This is a guest post courtesy of Melissa regarding copyright infringement and your blog images. Definitely was an eye-opening read for me, how about you? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear them. As a blogger, I often quickly grab an image from Google images to use in a post without thinking much of it. As long as you credit your source and the...

Gender-Based Voice for Content Development: Speaking to Your Audience


This is a short and sweet guest post courtesy of Lisa Hann. It’s not something we’ve discussed here on BGB before, so I thought you might find it an interesting read.  Speaking the right message to the right people is vital to successful branding and effective marketing. Here at BGB I try to speak to a mix of folks because I know there is a mix of folks that read this blog. However I...

6 SEO Myths that Stop You from Ranking in Google (Hint: There’s No Magic Involved)


Howdy boys and girls. This is a guest post courtesy of Traian. You all know SEO is an important cog in the wheel of blogging successfully. However it’s possible you get a little too caught up in the morass to really be effective at it. I know I’ve been guilty!  Keep reading and allow Traian to lead you a better (read: less headache-y) path to SEO. Do you allow myths to take over your...

Online Copywriting Tips for Beginners – How to Craft Killer Copy Without Really Trying


This is a guest post courtesy of Clare with some great tips for writing your own web copy. While it’s fab (and highly recommended) to hire a pro writer for help with your web copy (and other marketing materials), sometimes it’s simply beyond the budget.  At least for now. (Right?! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)  When that’s the unfortunate scenario, don’t despair. You CAN be a...

Using Categories and Tags for Your Blog- Why You Should Care


 This is a guest post courtesy of Melissa. I’m glad she’s covering this topic because talking categories and tags bore me to tears! LOL However they are a necessary evil when you run a blog, and Melissa does a great job of explaining why.  Methinks I may redo my own categories in the near future to make finding things more streamlined! Please make her feel welcome by sharing your...

How I Partially Financed My Trip Around The World With Freelance Writing


This guest post is brought to you courtesy of Shane Lee. Since (ahem) yours truly is a freelance writer as well (somewhat by accident too) I thought Shane’s story both a fun and inspirational one to share with you. I’d love to hear how you’ve gotten creative financing your entrepreneurial passion. Feel free to share your story in the comments below. I became a freelance writer...

6 Surefire List Building Strategies


This is a guest post courtesy of Yeremi. You probably already know list building is important as an entrepreneur. But everyone has different strategies when it comes to growing that list. Some work… Some… not so much. Needless to say it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. That’s why Yeremi has put together this whopper of a guest post, just for you...


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