Make a Splash and Enjoy Your Ripples!


Introducing Mars Dorian… a fellow blogger with a passion for branding and being unique… kind enough to guest blog for me.  I hope you all enjoy his fire, I know I do!

Hello fellow digital crusaders,

I’m sure you’re very busy with expanding your online presence – hey, I know you want YOUR piece of the cake!

And if you want to make a splash that causes ripples, you have to stand out.

But telling you to stand out is useless, because it’s impractical. If I scream at your face: “Hey, YOU – be unique, right now!” you may answer “Heck yeah!…wait….How?

Good question. And it’s one that can’t be easily answered.

In essence, it means you have to customize your whole digital presence.

But don’t worry – it’s easier than it sounds.

All you need is a hunger for total growth (gnooooor – I can hear your stomach already!) and the courage to ridicule yourself – while reaping all the sweet rewards.

Enough with the intro, it’s to time to get your freak on. Customize your online presence, once and for all!

Unique-fy Your Promotion

Promotion – gosh, that word sounds so terrible you might think: I just wanna drop my content load and doze off.

No, No!

Promotion is tons of fun – if you do it THE RIGHT WAY. Let me explain.

If your blog is built around a specific topic, let’s say “increase your traffic”, then you should mainly worry about SEO. You have found  a hot topic (oouch, it’s burning) that many thousands of people search for. Ranking high in Google with kick-ass keywords should be your main promotional concern.

But if you want to promote your personal brand, and you use funky headlines like me and Cori here, you are not going to be best friends with the search engines.

In fact, my search engine traffic is sooo pathetic it makes my little brother cry at night, but I’m ok with that.

I have to use my social skills to spread my message, and that’s why I spend 80 of my time with networking with like-minded crusaders, and writing at least one guest post a day.

Remember: Your time is precious, use it wisely. Your promotion style depends on your blogging style.

Professionalism Is Out

Look at Cori’s site here – it’s quite dark and very girly-ish. Sure, she deters some people with that, but she also attracts the kind of people that like or even LOVE it.

Too many people polish their online appearance, and hide their foibles. You know these websites – the blue-slick-professional style that shows people with shiny teeth wearing business suits. Please don’t join their robotic army !

Take some risk by going with your guts – find your original style and streeeeeeetch it. The web has changed the way we want to perceive people. Slick professionalism is out, down-to-earth-I’m-just-a-human-being-like-you is IN.

What I do ? I luv comics and colors – and that’s why my blog looks like a candy store opening on rainbow day.

And even though I write about creative marketing, I rather prefer the funky look – because it represents my real-life persona!

Give your readers the full brunt – your character – raw and unpolished.

Hint: If it feels scary, you are on the right track!

Only Please Your Mirror Image

People say you should always pretend that you write for a BIG audience, even if the only person who’s reading your blog happens to be your mother (Hi mum!).

Boy, to hell with that – adjusting your writing to the masses will bleach your unique style, and a style that’s bleached isn’t worth talking about.

Imagine your ideal fan instead (your mirror image?) – the one that’s completely obsessed with your blog – the one who would ditch his marriage just to be with you, and write for HIM/HER.

This will ensure that you writing will always stay edgy and true, no matter how many  consume it.

People will come and go, the only constant should be being yourself.


Hey, the universe took its precious time to create your spirit – your uniqueness is a gift. Instead of worrying what everyone else is doing – only devour the info you need and customize your whole online presence around your style.

You can have a blast and even BE the blast if you adapt the world to YOURSELF instead of adapting to IT.

What do you think ?



About the author

Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian is a digital entrepreneur who wants to change the online world through personal branding and creative marketing. Join him on Twitter and grab his feed.

By Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian is a digital entrepreneur who wants to change the online world through personal branding and creative marketing. Join him on Twitter and grab his feed.

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