Procrastination Assassination: Know and Beat Your Productivity Enemy


In a nutshell, procrastination is putting off important tasks that a person should be focusing on at the moment. If you have been or are constantly behaving in this manner, you are just one of the many people with procrastination issues. The fact that there is a majority of people doing the same thing does not make it less of a problem. Being an entrepreneur or a freelancer is a difficult job to...

#BGB Tutorial: Optimism + Affiliate Marketing = Rich Potential Rewards


This is a guest post courtesy of Alan. He dives pretty comprehensively into the nuts and bolts of something called affiliate marketing. If you’re a blogger or have any experience with the online realms, you may have heard of it and perhaps even dabble in it yourself. I know many a fellow blogger that makes a tidy little side income from affiliate sales. If you’ve never heard of it...

5 Feng Shui Office Tips to Ramp Up Your Work Flow and Productivity


This is a guest post courtesy of Kathryn Weber with tips from her new ebook Living Space: Simple Tips to Transform Your Home and how the same concepts can help you keep your office a productive space. Ya’ll know I have no shame in sharing my own struggles with productivity and work flow.  It’s seems to be the bane of a freelance writer’s existence, keeping things moving along...

Take the Job or Chase the Dream? All In or Not at All


This is a guest post courtesy of Julie. All this talk of empire building recently, and Julie is on a mission to build one of her own. So, I agreed to her submission for two reasons. She has a great story with wisdom to share, and I wanted to help support her by bringing attention to her Kickstarter campaign. It’s hard to put yourself out there into the world, and try to create something out...

3 Downfalls of Being Self-Employed You Can Easily Overcome


This is a guest post courtesy of Kimberly. Working for yourself isn’t always rainbows, butterflies, and cherry licorice. It has a downside just like anything in life. Please make Kimberly feel welcome and feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below this post. So you got the nerve to step out on your own. Exciting, isn’t it? Living the life of an entrepreneur is exhilarating. You...

3 Lessons New Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Military


This is a guest post from Steve Waller. I’m all about creativity and the variety of ways smart entrepreneurs can compare business to other things in life. In this case, the military! And since I have a ton of appreciation for our military, even when I disagree with the way our government abuses it’s power, I thought this post a uniquely interesting fit for BGB. Enjoy and if you find...

So Called “Free” Days, Making Every Day a Success and Rockin’ It like Aerosmith


OK, maybe not quite like Aerosmith. They’re pretty much Kings of the whole rockin’ it thang. But you can make every day count even when it feels like you can’t. I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling like “work” is a bit slow lately. I find myself with not as much “vital I need to get this done to get paid shit” and more of the “less vital I need to get this done because I really want to...


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