Procrastination Assassination: Know and Beat Your Productivity Enemy


In a nutshell, procrastination is putting off important tasks that a person should be focusing on at the moment. If you have been or are constantly behaving in this manner, you are just one of the many people with procrastination issues. The fact that there is a majority of people doing the same thing does not make it less of a problem. Being an entrepreneur or a freelancer is a difficult job to...

Pipe Dreams are for Losers- Why Not Sculpt Your Own Reality Instead?


I used to be just like my neighbor. He gets up every day, gets dressed, and goes through the motions of his daily morning routine. Then he grabs his keys and heads out the door, off on his commute to wherever it is in this world he happens to work. You know… his J.O.B. And yes, that is a mild sound of disgust you hear (read?) when I say that! See I used to work a J.O.B. too. A hard and...

3 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurs- Are You Doomed to Failure?


Quick note: You may have noticed some funky looking links within my posts.  This is my experimentation with monetizing my blog (I am after all an entrepreneur…) so if you’re a regular reader, you can feel free to disregard these links… they’re identifiable by the green color and double lines beneath them! 😉 Most freelancers and entrepreneurs may not be aware of it, but...

Time to Get Your Lazy, Procrastinating A%! Off of the Couch… Or Wait… Maybe I Mean Me?


We all have those days. Those days where we let laziness and procrastination get the best of us. Those days where you don’t want to out of bed and pull back those curtains quite yet. You don’t want to start the day, preferring instead to prolong the warm fuzzy moments you stay curled up like a caterpillar underneath the covers. You want to skip breakfast and even forsake a shower and (gasp)… a...

Battling Distractions like a Serial Killer


OK, so I’m inspired to write about distractions again today simply because I’m stuck in a hospital room at the moment with my lovely mum, and did you know hospitals are ripe with distractions? Who’d a thunk it right? But I’m certain if I was home, I’d still be distracted because quite frankly… it’s a daily battle! When you’re working from home, you need lots of will power. No really, I mean LOTS...

The Sandman’s Secret Hostage Hold Over YOUR Positive Mindset


More and more everyday my belief in the power of a strong and positive mindset grows. There is nothing you can’t achieve if you focus your thoughts and intentions on it, and believe that you will get it, regardless of how hard it is or how long it takes. For some people though, it can be tough. Heck it’s tough for me at times too. And I notice that I am especially susceptible to a poor and...


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