Rock the Shite Out of Your Sales

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Hey BGB’ers… I’m actually writing this post because originally I prepared a great little guide as a giveaway to my newsletter subscribers.

(OK fine, let’s call it like it is shall we, it’s a reward.  Or a treat.  Or a freakin’ cookie, how’s that?) But… it was intended to be sung from the rooftops via pop-up.

Any hoo, I scrapped that because I didn’t care too much for it, and it wasn’t working properly anyway.  Does that mean I hate pop-ups?  Well no, not exactly.  I’m a marketer after all.  I just do my best not to be a skeevy one.

Do I Love Them Personally?  Hell No.

But I understand their uses.  Which then just begs the question, why inflict them on you?  The short answer is I enjoy torture I figure you only get harassed with them once in a blue moon, so you’ll forgive me.  I will NOT set a pop-up to pop every time you refresh a page!  (Yes, I’ve dealt with that before, it’s maddening!)

Will I test future versions of pop-ups?  Of course I will.  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t!  But for now, they’ve got the boot.

R.I.P. Pop-up.

Instead, I decided to write this post instead, extolling the many virtues of this handy little guide I prepped, and by extension, the many virtues of signing up for my newsletter in all it’s wacky yet random glory.

This is done in the wildly desperate mild hopes you’ll see the light, and become a BGB’er with sticking power.

Why Do I Say a BGB’er with Sticking Power?

Well, signing up for my newsletter means you really like the things I’ve got to say, and you’re granting me a bit of personal access to you.  I mean, after all… you are letting me harass you with technology. Almost like you’re giving me permission to stalk you!  Which is only fair, considering you’re stalking me, now that I think about it…

Hmmn… but I digress!

Either way, subscribing to my newsletter means you’ve got sticking power, because lets face it… I can throw myself in your face on a regular basis,  and you’re either forced to love it, or you’ll unsub.  Either way you’re either in it to win it with me, or your not, and I like issuing blanket ultimatums knowing both sides of the coin.

Now about that cookie…

Rock the Shite Out of Your Sales

… is a sweet little 12 page guide, that basically gives you all kinds of ideas on ways you can… well… rock the shite out of your sales.

It’s short, it’s sweet, and chances are it’ll be a nice little “review” for some of you seasoned sales vets out there.  And for others, it’s going to be the killer amazing, little kick in the ass, ah-ha type thing you’ve been waiting all your life to read.  (OK, I admit that’s a bit on the dramatic side…)

Regardless, I’m 99.99999% certain you’ll love it.

Like alot.  And now you know about it.  WITHOUT the annoying pop-up.

The even better part though is now you no longer have to subscribe to get this particular goodie (unless you want to of course). You can get it as a straight download, no strings attached just by clicking the little picture below.

Or you can just right click this link and choose “Save As”.

Oh, and if you’re already signed up for my newsletter, or have read this report… speak up BGB’ers!  Drop your thoughts in the comments below, so everyone can know what they’re missing out on and be uber jealous.  ‘Cuz that’s fun right? 😉  Also, be sure to share this page and/or the guide with all your friends… but only if you think they’ll find it useful.


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