Why Marketers Should Get to Know Their Customer’s Digital Selves


 This is a guest post courtesy of Lior (thanks for an AWESOME contribution) and why your current market research may not be entirely accurate. Due to the increasing rise of social media channels, your right people may want something slight different than what you are positioned to offer them and you wouldn’t know it unless you knew they may have somewhat dueling personalities. As in their...

Do or Don’t? Three Big Risks of Rebranding


This is a guest post courtesy of Christian Muller on three big potential risks that can often go hand in hand with a rebranding effort. While it’s not impossible to do successfully, it’s also not always easy. In fact I’d even go so far as to propose it’s never easy! But if you keep in mind these brief tips from Christian, you can increase your odds of a successful attempt...

Stuck Like Chuck and Breaking That Dam to Pieces


We all have our moments of feeling ‘stuck on stupid’. You know. Like when you feel as if your brain is just a soggy, mushy mush of cells and brain matter, with nothing sparking along the synapses.  No signs of visible life.  Maybe an alien thought wiggles around here and there, but quickly flits out of sight. Kind of like Mars! Only less outer-spacey and more oozy and gory. Your only recourse to...

Plain English… Spit It Out Already!


Photo by DerrickT One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing web copy and trying to make a sale is making things sound more complicated than they really are. Don’t say something like “Your order qualifies for complementary shipping when you spend $50 before December 1” when you could say “Free Shipping on Orders of $50 Until December 1st”  Making things...

Selling In Print Can Be Tough


Selling in person is a lot easier than selling in print, because you can use your personality, body language, and tone of voice to convince someone to buy from you. When you’re trying to sell goods and services in print, you lose all of these advantages. Your marketing materials must be very clear, because you only get one chance to make a good impression. If your ad is confusing...

Finding the Win-Win Solution in Sales


I’ve often heard people complain about their situation in life and remarking that they don’t really have a choice about it because of this and that. I totally disagree! Everyone has a choice. People are in their situation because they choose to be. It’s a decision based on their set of values, standards, and desires, mired in the reality of what they are really capable of at the...

Focus on the Aftertaste


Whether writing a sales letter, or making a presentation, you should always pay attention to what you are leaving your prospect with. The aftertaste of doing business with you. The bottom line in snagging a life long customer and not just a one off is to leave them feeling like you care about them and their success or quality of life. If they feel like the only thing you care about is making the...


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