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Your biggest, brightest, most burning questions and problems regarding: Business and Entrepreneurship Smart and Effective Marketing Ad Copy and Copywriting Search Engine Optimization E-Mail Marketing and List Building Blogging/Content Development Relationship Marketing Web Content Social Media and Self-Employment Branding Increasing Revenue Delegating Creating Systems and Leverage And anything...

Selling In Print Can Be Tough


Selling in person is a lot easier than selling in print, because you can use your personality, body language, and tone of voice to convince someone to buy from you. When you’re trying to sell goods and services in print, you lose all of these advantages. Your marketing materials must be very clear, because you only get one chance to make a good impression. If your ad is confusing...

Sometimes It Pays To Be Direct


Writing good copy ain’t always an easy task.  Some folks manage to do it reasonably well, and some folks manage to mangle it beyond repair.  The problem a lot of people run into is trying to be ‘too creative’.  Yeah, I know, TOO creative? Who KNEW there was such a thing! But alas, there is, and it happens a lot when people are trying to write sales copy.  They are so focused on...

The Secret to Closing


One of the biggest things people struggle with in sales is the close. And it’s even more tough to close when it’s in print and not face to face.  The problem is that your close is not meant to stand alone.  A good close is wrapped within your entire sales pitch, and in fact you are actually closing the entire time… it’s just done in such a way that your prospect...


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Since revamping my website with revitalized copy and search engine optimization, my client load has more than doubled. What has really surprised me is the number of people who come to my office saying that the copy on my website is what got them to call me.

People feel like they get a real sense of me before coming to meet me. This is amazing and means so much in a field often clouded with fear of the unknown. Cori was fantastic to work with in that she went above and beyond to really get what I needed my copy to say and HOW. I think it required a lot of patience on her part and I am so thankful I trusted her to help! Thanks Big Girl Branding!!

Melissa Hargrave, HillCountryTherapy.com

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