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How to Become Self Employed (And When to Do It)


This is a guest post by Aimee Sway.  Self employment isn’t a cakewalk and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably only out to take your money. That said, I feel there are a ton of rewards that more than make up for all the not so easy stuff.  But it’s hard to make that initial decision of “should you or shouldn’t you” sometimes.  Hopefully Aimee’s thoughts...

Top 25 Indicators You Need to Quit Your J.O.B.- No Take-Backs!


Photo by Dev Null Let me tell you a little story first. (Warning.. grab a coffee, take a break… this one is long!) Once upon a time I too, was in that same swivel chair as you are, thinking about my future and the futility of my career as I realized that I was headed for a bleak looking dead-end. Yep… My near future dead-ended smack into a solid brick wall that could just about stop a...

4 Things a Self-Employed A%# Kicker Can’t Live Without!


GAXWUDYZ3WXS <—Please ignore the geek speak! Photo by Duncan Leaving the rat race to build your own business is a bit like jumping off a plane. You know that there’s a chance of your parachute malfunctioning and your day ending with a resounding splat… but still you do it in the pursuit of liberty and happiness anyway. Bully for you!  You’re daring and adventurous. I like it...

From J.O.B. Slavery to Freelancing Freedom in 5 Easy Steps


Photo by Rokito When I was younger, the idea of me being a professional writer was kinda laughable.  I wrote poetry, but never considered myself “a writer”.  And actually making money at writing?  That was something I thought only big name novelists did. I was so clueless! (Only without the blonde hair and skimpy skirts… and the shopping habit…) As I got older, the idea of writing for...

This Ain’t a Circus People! How to Juggle Multiple Clients like a Pro!


OK, so I know that when you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, there’s a tendency to accept all of the projects that come your way.  As in all…  like A-L-L. Luckily it’s a natural inclination and you’re not just bonkers. Chalk it up to perhaps being excited to establish your expertise and credibility—you want to show the world that you can do anything! Or maybe, like many first...

Ms. Independence, Baseball Bats, and Breakin’ All the Rules I Can


I’ve always been a bit on the ‘special’ side, since as far back as I can remember. And by ‘special’ I do mean ‘special’! My sister and I fondly call ourselves dorks on a regular basis, and wear the label proudly. Heck, I’m surprised we don’t have special t-shirts made by now that we wear in public. With afore mentioned pride. And brightly colored too! I’m not certain just where I got this...

Enter the Ranks of Super-Entrepreneur and Beef up Your Savings Strategy


OK, so this might stem from the fact that I’ve been taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace class now for the last several weeks. And in fact I wrote a post not too long ago where I talked about some of what I’ve learned so far on getting intentional and focusing on your goals. And then I talked about good ole Dave Ramsey again when I talked about emergencies being guaranteed to happen… that’s just...

Top 6 Reasons You Need to Schedule Me-Time And No Arguing!


When you’re starting out on your own and establishing yourself as an entrepreneur, the hours can be very long. And when you’re a one-woman team, juggling between being the CEO, the marketing guy (um, girl…), the secretary, the accountant, the tech administrator, and even the janitor (!) it’s hard work. Long workdays can suck the energy from you. I know, I’m feeling that energy suck today! And...

Writing Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success- A Winding Roadmap to J.O.B. Freedom


Working a J.O.B. sucks. And I can say that because I used to work one.  A back-breaking one at that. And now I don’t. Yay me! I’m J.O.B.less! Does that make me a slacker? Not even. That makes me 100% self-employed.  100% self-sustaining. 100% entrepreneur and singer of freedom and contentment.  Now I don’t say that to brag, not at all.  If you met me in person you’d find I’m pretty humble 99.87%...

1 Plus 2 Equals More of You- Effective Delegation Rocks!


Delegation. What is this crazy idea you speak of?! Relax.  It’s really not that crazy of an idea at all. “Delegation means delegating responsibility, authority and accountability”.  Now… doesn’t that sound pretty sweet?  Sheesh, it does in my book!  Who wouldn’t want to hand off a bit of responsibility and accountability to someone else?  In strictly a good way of course! 😉 Effective delegation...


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