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Pressing On: Advice for Overcoming Entrepreneurship Hurdles


Being the boss sounds enticing, but in retrospect, most entrepreneurs would agree that it’s not the glitz and glam you may have believed it to be. True, there are perks to owning a business. You can work on something you’re passionate about, use your own visions, control the direction, and, if you succeed, you can also earn a decent living. Yet, to experience the positives of being an...

Successful Women and Secrets to World Domination- Muahaha!


OK, maybe not world domination exactly. But pretty fracken close! Women consistently launch new businesses at a rate at twice that of their male counterparts, according to The Wall Street Journal. And if you dear reader, are one of those women, you may be looking toward other business leaders to learn their secrets of success. Just make sure you’re looking to good examples! Be Savvy Run...

Take the Job or Chase the Dream? All In or Not at All


This is a guest post courtesy of Julie. All this talk of empire building recently, and Julie is on a mission to build one of her own. So, I agreed to her submission for two reasons. She has a great story with wisdom to share, and I wanted to help support her by bringing attention to her Kickstarter campaign. It’s hard to put yourself out there into the world, and try to create something out...

The Secret Sauce to Building an Empire, Dork.. Erm.. Girl Style


Once upon a story, there was an online friend of mine named Nathan. He used to run a blog over at, where, once upon the same story, I wrote a fantabulous (not to toot my own horn or anything) guest post. On said blog, Nathan liked to talk a lot about “Empire” building. He also liked to use testosterone filled words like “Sword” and “Sacrifice” and “Redemption”. (He’s such a...

Take the Leap and Go Entrepreneur


This is a guest post courtesy of Bianca where she talks tips about going all entrepreneur.  She also talks about the exhilaration and fear of taking that plunge to personal freedom.  I thought it appropriate food for thought for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. 🙂 Please make her feel welcome in the comments below.  I’ve jumped out of a plane- twice; and spent all my money traveling throughout...

Wisdom from @Copyblogger- 1000 Words Can Make You Immortal


Just ran across this by Copyblogger and had to share with my BGB’ers. MAD fab! And the pic that accompanies it, I found and just thought it looked really cool and all immortal-y. Heh. Anyhoo, hope you get a kick out of both and feel free to pass the graphic along to your own people and mayhap reveal Copyblogger’s awesomeness to a few new fans that haven’t yet found ’em...

7 Apologies Successful Women Never Make


This is a guest piece contributed by the lovely Jennifer, who recently launched her own fab blog, Life After Tampons. (So adore that name!) My goal was to run it yesterday in honor of International Women’s Day, but I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always meet every goal I set. LOL  However, a day late doesn’t always mean a dollar short, so here ’tis my lovelies...

Urgent- Time to Take Stock of Your Personal Inventory Entrepreneurs!


This is a guest post by a dear man named David from The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ®. I thought it a suitable follow up to my Thanksgiving gratitude post, as typically the holidays can become a time of year where we as entrepreneurs (and humans) begin to assess where we’ve been and where we are going. Sometimes you might feel down on yourself if you haven’t accomplished everything you set...

The 2011 Intention Intervention- Time to Bring the Awesome


We’re just hitting our 2nd week into the New Year and I’m sure you’ve all been busy bees, jotting down your intentions to make this your year. Like the Best. Year. Ever. (RIGHT?!) Or don’t you believe in New Year’s resolutions anymore? That’s cool; I don’t really dig the term resolutions either.  Sounds too much like absolutions, which in my warped brain starts making me think I need to be...

Rampage of Appreciation- My Two Cents on Gratitude


Gratitude is a funny thing. We talk a lot about giving thanks for the things or people or events we are grateful for, but when it comes down to it, gratitude is sort of ephemeral.  It comes, it goes, and sometimes we forget all about it. But when we pay attention, it’s like an angel with gossamer wings. It inspires, makes us feel good about ourselves and our lives, and allows us to...


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