Why Guest Posting is Fun in 200 Words or Less…

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OK so I’ve been a bit busy this week playing catch up after being sick with the shingles.  Please forgive this short and sweet post, and I promise I’ll give you something more substantial in a day or two.

Anyhoo… here’s why guest posting is fun in 200 words or less.

  • I get to make new friends.  And some interesting ones.
  • I get to find new readers.  And some interesting ones.
  • Sometimes those new readers subscribe and become regular readers.  Some interesting regulars too!
  • I get to hone my skillz and sharpen my teeth.  Or something like that.
  • I get to write about things I may not always get to write about here.  And get bleeped when I curse.
  • Sometimes I get link juice and mostly I don’t care.
  • I get more traffic and my nifty Alexa rank goes up, up, up…!  (Yes, I’m easily amused.)
  • I get to build a portfolio of work to show potential clients, that’s not just “my” blog.

Recent additions to said portfolio for your reading pleasure (and to make up for the shortness in this sweetness)-

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@Blogussion- Marketing the ‘You Know What’ Out of… (Part 2)

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@EntrepreneurPro- Ben-Lang- 3 Basic Technological Skills Entrepreneurs Can’t…

@ProBlogger- Blogging, Steel-Toes, and Kicking Perfection’s…

And if you’re in the mood to go swimming, you can check out my ‘Guest Splash’ for prior awesomeness you may have missed out on.  And OK… slightly over 200 words.

::sliding on a pair of uber cool black shades and giving you my tough face::

Any questions?

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