Why I’m a DORK and Darren Please Don’t Hate Me!

by Editor

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OK BGB’ers… I KNEW I was going to do something like this, and Lord help me, I woke up this morning and realized I did.

What did I do?  I freakin’ forgot to add an interview to yesterdays Entrepreneurial Wisdom post!  And it was my interview received from none other than ProBlogger Himself, Darren Rowse!

::insert HUGE frowny face of shame here::

My only defense is that Darren was my very first interviewee, before I realized how big this was going to get and was smart enough to label all correspondence as INTERVIEWS.

UGG… I am so thoroughly disgusted with myself right now, and:

Darren… please don’t hate me!

You’re in there now, and I updated the PDF as well.  Darren has been awesome with his willingness to allow me to guest post on Problogger, harass him by email, and participate in the interview.  I honestly can’t believe I forgot to add him, except I was getting so cross-eyed putting everyone in, that I really thought I hadn’t missed anyone.

Instead I miss one of the guys whose response spurred me into making this post what it was.  Yes.  I’m a dork.  It’s not just a label.  Darren, please don’t hate me.

Everyone else, please do check back and view Darren’s interview as well, and if you downloaded the PDF.. you might want to download it again!


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