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5 Ways A Blogger (Like You) Can Make a Little Moola


This is a guest post courtesy of Teddy Hunt.  I probably could should be monetizing BGB a wee bit more than I currently am, but hey… to each their own right?  I use BGB primarily as a platform to showcase my writing skills and connect with my potential clients as well as build a relationship with my readers. I also do a bit of affiliate marketing here and there when I come across a product...

#BGB Tutorial: Optimism + Affiliate Marketing = Rich Potential Rewards


This is a guest post courtesy of Alan. He dives pretty comprehensively into the nuts and bolts of something called affiliate marketing. If you’re a blogger or have any experience with the online realms, you may have heard of it and perhaps even dabble in it yourself. I know many a fellow blogger that makes a tidy little side income from affiliate sales. If you’ve never heard of it...

Making Money with a Shoestring, a Thumbtack, and a Pea Brain


OK, so maybe not with a shoestring and a thumbtack. But with a brain definitely (minus the pea) as well as an Internet connection and a lap top. Or at least access to an Internet connection and a lap top.  C’mon, we’re not going all MacGyver here, sheesh. Anyhoo. I thought I’d write a post today tonight 2 days ago, exploring two very viable ways a motivated chap (or chappete)...

Writing Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success- A Winding Roadmap to J.O.B. Freedom


Working a J.O.B. sucks. And I can say that because I used to work one.  A back-breaking one at that. And now I don’t. Yay me! I’m J.O.B.less! Does that make me a slacker? Not even. That makes me 100% self-employed.  100% self-sustaining. 100% entrepreneur and singer of freedom and contentment.  Now I don’t say that to brag, not at all.  If you met me in person you’d find I’m pretty humble 99.87%...


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