Common E-Commerce Mistakes = Lost Sales


This is a guest post courtesy of Kirsten, and how your ecommerce site could very well be leaking money like perforated balloon leaks air. If you don’t have an ecommerce site, but do still sell stuff online, then pay attention as well, because these tips could easily be transferred to you too. Ready? Set? Go! (As in read. Duh. hehe) There is a tremendous amount of competition in the world of...

The Nuts and Bolts of Working from Home


Working from home is a dream quite a few folks share. Regardless of whether you’re telecommuting for an employer (more and more people are today) or rocking your own business or freelance service, there simply has to be a dedicated space allocated just for work. (OK at least mostly just for work.) Even though working from home can mean the elimination of the dreaded commute and the horrific...

Smart Business- Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Tablet Users


This is a guest post courtesy of Patricia. In this post she discusses tablet users. Specifically, who they are, why they matter, and how to reach them!  As an active iPad user myself, I can relate to the frustration users sometimes feel when attempting to visit sites not optimized for mobile type devices and easy browsing.  If that sounds like your website, here’s why you should work on...

Using Categories and Tags for Your Blog- Why You Should Care


 This is a guest post courtesy of Melissa. I’m glad she’s covering this topic because talking categories and tags bore me to tears! LOL However they are a necessary evil when you run a blog, and Melissa does a great job of explaining why.  Methinks I may redo my own categories in the near future to make finding things more streamlined! Please make her feel welcome by sharing your...

Brand Appeal- 5 Steps to Make Your Website Irresistible in 2011


This is a guest post by the lovely yet quirky Jess, aka Jessilicious with her take on the importance of an eye-pleasing, action-inducing website. She offers tips to help you spruce up your little slice of cyber real estate and put it to work for you, instead of allowing it to work against you.  Make her feel welcome by dropping your comments in the comment area below this post. Your website can...

9 Tips for Brand Consistency in Your Printed Literature


This is a guest post by James Adams. I know I often say branding is not just about a logo, or website, or the visual materials.  That said, all those things are most definitely a part of an effective brand strategy. And James offers 9 stellar tips to help you keep that image consistent, whether you’re a small two man operation, or a company that’s experienced massive growth. Many...

Guest Post- What Has Your Blog Done For You Lately?


If you run your own business and you’re using a blog for marketing and relationship building purposes, when is the last time you really evaluated how well that’s working out for you?  Steve offers some good ideas to review where you’re at and where you’re going with your blog.  Happy reading! Anyone involved in corporate business will have realized the benefits a regularly...


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